Shereé Whitfield Was "Shocked" When Marlo Hampton Confronted Kandi Burruss About the Lesbian Rumors

Shereé Whitfield Was "Shocked" When Marlo Hampton Confronted Kandi Burruss About the Lesbian Rumors

The #RHOA pal addressed the speculation surrounding the singer.

By Jocelyn Vena

Gossip really hit the fan during The Real Housewives of Atlanta crew's glamping trip. It was during this fateful getaway that Kandi Burruss came face-to-face with a rumor about her being a lesbian, a rumor that she recently shut down to The Daily Dish. Still, chatter had been circulating within her group of friends for some time leading up to that escape with the ladies, and Shereé Whitfield had talked about it long before that heated dinner party, where Marlo Hampton brought it up to Kandi.

When Shereé stopped by our HQ recently, she shared her side of the confrontation — and the fact that Marlo brought up this rumor that she had told her in confidence.

"In that moment, it's like, 'WTF? ... Marlo, what are you doing?' She and I had a confidential conversation and I confided in her that I had this information that I had not repeated to any of the other girls," she recalled. "[I wanted to know] what should I do 'cause I kind of felt funny about [it]. That's some big stuff; that's not little stuff. That's big stuff, so if you're gonna say that someone's cheating or having outside relationships or, maybe, relationships within your relationship, but you still have kids — kids are involved — so I didn't want to repeat that. So I talked to Marlo about it and then she brings it up to the entire group and I didn't, so I was kind of shocked."


The discussion will continue on Sunday's episode of RHOA, and viewers might be wondering why the ladies always seem to up the gossip ante when they go on a trip together. "I think when we're home, we see each other and then we leave," she said. "When we're on these trips, we're seeing each other hours and hours and hours in one day — it may be 10, 12 hours that we're around someone. And after a while, things are gonna get heated. They're gonna get heated because you have no where else to go."

The drama will continue to unfold in the next episode. Check out a preview of what's to come, below.

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