'MDLLA' POLL: Team Heather or Team Madison?

'MDLLA' POLL: Team Heather or Team Madison?

Choose sides in the war between the frenemies.

By Sabrina Ford

It's time to pick a side in the war between Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles stars Madison Hildebrand and Heather Bilyeu. On Wednesday night's episode, Heather co-listed a Malibu property with Josh Flagg without seeking Josh Altman's consent and Madison got a major case of déjà vu.


"This is really a shocking moment for me, because that's exactly what she did to me," Madison said after confronting Heather at the property. "She violated a boundary and guess what? she's doing it again and she's doing it to her own boyfriend."

When Madison grilled Heather about her decision to partner with her guy's competition, she told him, "Altman's opinion doesn't matter." Drawing a line between personal and professional, Heather stated the relationship between Altman and Flagg is irrelevant. "They're not found of each other, she acknowledged, "but that doesn't stop me from doing my business."

What do you think? Is Heather or Madison right in this fight? Sound off in our poll.

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