MDLLA's Madison and Altman Clash Over Heather

MDLLA's Madison and Altman Clash Over Heather

The Million Dollar Listing stars have words on Watch What Happens Live.

By Chelsea Brady

There's no question the relationship between Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles stars Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu is going great—the pair got engaged on June 22—but the status of Heather and Madison Hildebrand's friendship is less clear. And last night on Watch What Happens Live a call-in viewer wanted to know how the two real estate gurus are getting along these days.

"You are going to have to watch the whole season to figure out how we end up because we ended last season being friends, and I wouldn't see we're un-friendly but we definitely have another little spat," Hildebrand explains.

But before he could talk further, Altman cut in with a few words.

"Flagg and I don't get along, but he had the class to go up to Heather and say 'I don't like your boyfriend, but congratulations on your engagement,'" he says. Indicating Hildebrand, he adds, "He has not said one thing to either of us, and I would just like to know why."

Hildebrand's response? That's simply not true.

"We were on a live interview and I did congratulate both of you and they asked me what I thought of it and I said I'm happy you guys are in love, and more power to you," he says.

Watch Madison Hildebrand dish on his friendship with Heather Bilyeu and tell us in the comments: can these two repair their troubled relationship?

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