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The Daily Dish The People's Couch

Meet 'The People's Couch' Stars Julie and Brandy

The hilarious duo sound off on Game of Thrones, how they met, and more.

By Rachael Roberts

Can’t enough of America’s funniest families from The People’s Couch? Get the inside scoop on the comedy writing pair Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard who dish on how they met, share their thoughts on the return of Game of Thrones, and even reveal their Housewives taglines. Be sure to catch The People’s Couch at an all new time Tuesdays at 10/9c!

No. 1 – The Couch comes naturally to them.

Brandy: It’s been really fun. We actually really do watch a lot of TV together. I don't know about everyone else, but Julie and I spend a lot of time together every single day because we’re writing partners, and we never write and only watch TV. By writing partners I mean we’re watching TV partners. We have written five shows, and it’s been seven years.

That’s what is surreal—that anyone is watching us watch TV together because we do it all the time anyway. Last night, we were in this hotel room and we were literally watching Southern Charm and just doing what we do watching the show. We just do it, we are just constantly watch TV and talking sh--.

No. 2 – They met on a boat.

Brandy:  We met in 2008, on a Rosie O'Donnell cruise, the Family Cruise. Julie was on a TV show called The Big Gay Sketch Show and I went with a friend who was on that show, too. So we met through a mutual friend in 2008 and really hit it off.

No. 3 – Their television tastes are "so f---ing quiche."

Brandy: I’ll hand it to Julie for all her weird dragon wizard shows that she likes, but I love the reality shows on Bravo, and we’re not just saying that. We love Flipping Out, we love Shahs of Sunset, all the Housewives franchises. We love The Real Houswives Miami, and Orange County. We also love Watch What Happens Live, we watch that every day.

Julie: I love Million Dollar Listing New York and Los Angeles. When I watch TV alone, I watch my weird stuff, which is Game of Thrones, which I’m in love with, and I will watch historical documentaries. And I love Downton Abbey. I love a British turn of the century.  

Ja’mie: Private School Girl. I think it’s the best f---ng comedy. "It’s so f---ing quiche." I also watch Family Guy and American Dad. When I got to bed at night I watch Family Guy to go to sleep. And Roger is the best character to be on TV ever.

No. 4 – Sometimes, The Couch can get dark.  

Julie: We have to whisper during the show because some of the things we’re thinking we know we can’t say. If we were doing People’s Couch After Dark, it would be us uncensored, and it would get real. I mean, it gets dark and inappropriate, girl!

No. 5 Their Housewives taglines get really "Real."

Brandy: "People always call me a skinny bitch, and that’s because I’m bulimic and a bitch."

Julie: "I’m a woman!" Visually that’s important because I don’t know if you’ve ever seen me, but I look like a man.  Here’s what I would do, I would look at the camera, and then I turn away like I’m doing modelling, and then I come back to the camera and I go, "I’m a woman." I would be a great Housewife, people don’t realize.

No. 6 – They have strong feelings about their dream HIMYM Series Finale.

Julie: We hate How I Met Your Mother. So maybe the Series Finale would be they all die. The Finale of How I met Your Mother was everyone finding out that show was horrible.

No. 7 – They would also redo the endings of Roseanne and Friends.  

Brandy: The old Becky comes back. Then Becky and Sara Gilbert’s character hook up. Aunt Jackie wins the lottery and becomes police commissioner.

Julie: The finale of Friends would go like this: one gets married to a celebrity and then she gets a divorce because he cheated on her with another celebrity and they have 50 children. Then one goes and does another sitcom.

No. 8 – They would rule on reality TV competitions (as long as everyone keeps their clothes on).

Brandy: We would murder Amazing Race. We'd go on anything as a team, but we wouldn’t want to show our bodies in any way.

Julie: I don’t like the beach, I won’t even put my feet in the ocean! I hate fresh air. I won’t eat a bug, and I won’t kill a pig, and I don’t want to be surrounded by shirtless men.

No. 9 – Julie loves revenge (the concept, not the series).

Julie: I love revenge. I LOVE revenge—not the show, I don’t think the actual show is very good. I love revenge type things in general and Game of Thrones has some f---ing great revenge scenes. Like, some good satisfying killing.

No. 10 – Speaking of GoT, they loved the season premiere. Or at least the end of it.

Julie: I thought the beginning to the middle was pretty boring, but it was all worth it for the end. The end was f---ing everything. "Why don’t you shut your c--- mouth and bring me two chickens!" I can’t stop saying that. I’m going to go to restaurant right now and say, "Why don’t you shut your c--- mouth and bring me two chickens!" right now, at Applebee’s.  

Next time, can we come?


Catch The People’s Couch at an all new time Tuesdays at 10/9c!

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