Melissa on Teresa: 'We Will Fix This Eventually'

Melissa on Teresa: 'We Will Fix This Eventually'

Mrs. Gorga says the feud between her and her sister-in-law will hopefully end.

By Mike Hess

Was that a glimmer of hope we heard from Melissa Gorga about rekindling her relationship with sister-in-law-turned-enemy Teresa Giudice?

While discussing the volatile Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion on Watch What Happens Live, Melissa responded to a fan's question about whether her relationship with T was finished for good following the Posche fashion show incident (Strippergate!) and their hours-long reunion battle. "I don't like to speak definitively when talking about family," Melissa said, continuing: "I never want to say never because deep down in my heart I love Teresa and I know her brother loves her more than anything in the world."

Well that's promising, right? In fact, she went one step further, extending a let's-take-some-time olive branch of sorts. "Right now I just think we need a little time to heal. I do believe that time heals all wounds and I think we will fix this eventually."

Mel's fellow guest Mario Lopez then asked about her relationship with Teresa and Joe Gorga's parents, and Melissa said she and her in-laws are on good terms.

"Joe and I don't discuss the show at all ... with my in-laws ... I'm sure they know, I think they hear a lot more on that side [Teresa] ... We just want to take the time with them and be with the kids and not stress them out."

So, now that the reunion is done, declare yourself for good: Team Teresa or Team Melissa ... comment below and stay tuned next Sunday for the "lost footage" special!


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