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Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" Video Is Weird — and That's Why It's Incredible

The former pop princess wants you to know she's in on the joke, OK?

By Jocelyn Vena
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So, Taylor Swift debuted her beyond-insane video for "Look What You Made Me Do" — and we're not sure we'll ever be the same. Like, ever. And we're kind of OK with that.

The video is clearly a message regarding all those effs she used to have. Well, she just doesn't have them anymore. She straight up doesn't care what you think about her. Taylor's done living within the sweet-girl narrative the public has set for her (or "squad leader," "perpetual victim," "award show attendee who's constantly surprised at life"). She's no longer going to be nice.

Taylor's video, directed by Joseph Kahn, may have had some folks thinking it would in some way replicate the intense message of Beyoncé's "Formation," but instead it took a turn no one could have ever imagined.

The video has it all: Taylor as a zombie. Taylor chilling in a bathtub of diamonds. Taylor crashing her car while holding a Grammy. Taylor as the CEO of an army of Barbie-like women. Taylor sitting in a birdcage. Taylor robbing a streaming service with a team of women (we see what she did there). Taylor with dancers wearing "I Heart TS" shirts — yeah, we know.

Taylor Swift slays in her "Look What You Made Me Do" video...

one scene...

after another...

It's all those versions of her that you think she is.

And, then all of a sudden, Taylor sticks it to everyone — including herself. She's standing there on a pile of all of her former personas. ALL OF THEM. When she isn't stomping all over 'em, they're coming face to face with each other. The final sequence features all the Taylors basically just annoyed and taking swipes over the singer's perceived ingenue image that's existed for the past near-decade. Yes, even the surprised face makes an appearance. And Taylor from that time when Kanye interrupted her. You get the point...

There's a lot to digest in the visual. But, Taylor's given us a lot to digest over the course of her career. She gets it. She heard you all. She's over it. And, whatever you may think of her, the song, or, heck, even the video, she's done with it all. That's kind of a bold statement to make. Taylor isn't here to be a part of the narrative you want to put her in anymore. She's her own woman, doing her own thing. She's fierce enough to sue the man who alleged sexually assulted her for $1 and then turn around and give back to those who have also been violated.

Here lies Taylor Swift, the artist officially no longer cares what you think.

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