New Year's Feasts Fit for a Top Chef

New Year's Feasts Fit for a Top Chef

Marcus Samuelsson, Carla Hall, and Hosea Rosenberg share ideal midnight snacks.

By Rachel Stein

If you're looking to turn over a new culinary leaf on New Year's Eve, our Top Chefs have a few suggestions. Top Chef All-Star Carla Hall, Top Chef Master Marcus Samuelsson, and Top Chef Season 5 winner Hosea Rosenberg have all been making the rounds, serving up dishes to make your New Year's something to remember (even if your memory is a bit hazy).

Carla and Marcus both turned up on the Today Show this week to share their favorite New Year's Eve dishes. Carla prepared decadent lamb meatballs, gruyere crisps, a kid-friendly focaccia, and, naturally, a few boozy cocktails. And since Carla herself doesn't drink, she also created a non-alcoholic chocolate milk mocktail with whipped cream and candy cane bits.

Meanwhile, Marcus went for a more ethnic twist. Celebrating the Swedish tradition of eating hot dogs on New Year's, the Top Chef Masters champion, who explains that he used to work in a hot dog stand, fried up a corn dog-like creation, topping slices with homemade pickles and shrimp salad. The Today staff flipped for the dish, despite all expectations. "I've got to tell you something," said host Ann Curry, "I'm loving this! That [shrimp salad] on top is fantastic!"

And, of course, Hosea has been sharing his ideas for holiday dishes here at for weeks now. In his latest visit, he serves up recipes for two dishes -- a cheese and smoked salmon tartlet, and figs with walnuts and cheese on crackers -- sure to make your party pop. For more of Hosea's dishes for any occasion, check out his All-Star Bites.

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