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Newlyweds The First Year Season 1 Bride Tina Sugandh: "Life Is a Damn Blast"

The #Newlyweds alum opens up to The Daily Dish about her relationship with her dad and becoming a mom again.

By Jocelyn Vena
How We Met: Tina and Tarz

If fans remember anything about Tina Sugandh and Tarz Ludwigsen, it's that their lives were not short on baby and daddy drama. We got to go inside their first year as Mr. and Mrs., as the internet CEO and Indian pop star tried to navigate the ups and downs of being newly married during Season 1 of Newlyweds The First Year. With Season 3 of the series currently underway, we're catching up with the season-one duo.

As fans saw in the Season 1 Where Are They Now? special, Tina learned she was pregnant. But, unfortunately, that pregnancy didn't go to term, a problem Tina was more than familiar with having already suffered several miscarriages previously. "Can we just take a second to talk about the biggest drama-queen in my life? That would be my damn uterus! She just does not like me very much!" Tina told The Daily Dish. "A month after we shot that [special], I had miscarriage number five! It’s like these embryos know what kind of parents they’re going to be getting, and they’re like, 'Um, thanks but no thanks. I’m out of here!' Thankfully, 'Super-Sperm,' aka 'The Sperminator' aka 'Hubby Tarz' managed to 'get the deed done' the very next month, and we had recently had a baby girl named Song."

Tina named the baby girl Song as an homage to her late mother, but, she really takes after her mama. You see, the baby girl was stirring up drama right from the start. "It all started with a pregnancy filled with pre-term labor problems and strict bed rest, and then finally just as I was in labor and set to have a normal, natural delivery, Song was like 'It ain't gonna be that easy, Mama!' Suddenly alarms were going off and doctor and nurses that I had never seen before all rushed in panicking," she recalled of the July 8th birth. "I suddenly had to be completely knocked out because they had to get her out of me in seconds, so there was no time for local anesthesia. Then, I woke to see my brand new baby have freaking stitches! Fun Fact: Song was cut and scarred for life before she was even born! How’s that for dramatic?" Said scar is a tiny mark on Song's back due to her "getting in the way of the knife," which mom and dad both think "is pretty badass actually." "She’s not even half a year, and she’s bringing some serious drama to our lives," Tina added. 

A photo of Song, courtesy of her proud parents

Another snapshot of Song, from the holidays

And from the sounds of it, Song's big brother, Tarz (who was born in June 2013), is certainly growing up fast, and like his little sister is taking after his mom. "He’s just awesome. The tantrums, the hugs, the screaming, the laughing, the struggling with eating, the nighttime giggling, the random crabbiness, the kisses, getting him to say 'Oh man' instead of 'S***' like [his] potty-mouth mama," she said. "Our current Tarzie issue is how to bribe him daily to get him out of the bath! He’s so insanely happy in there, I swear there has to be vodka coming out of that spout or something! Every day is something new and exciting! It’s all just such an exciting journey."

Little Tarz, now two-and-half years old

And while things have certainly changed in terms of numbers in  the Sugandh-Ludwigsen household, Tina's relationship with her dad hasn't gotten better since the show aired. The twosome often butted heads during Season 1 and Tina noted that "it’s sadly still a family problem that I would give anything to fix someday," adding that her father has left the country temporarily. "Let’s leave it at that for the sake of not having to add an 'explicit content' warning onto this article, shall we?" Tina said. 

Tarz remains as busy as ever working for the media technology company And while he's "kicking serious ass," Tina notes that "sadly that means he’s still working around the clock." However she offered up another theory as to what he may actually be up to. "Or maybe he already sold the company but is just using it as an excuse to hide from me all day," she joked.

As for Tina, she's a busy working mom — trying to balance her life with her two babies (who are both now modeling), as well as her various other projects including a jewelry line,, and performing at parties when she can. "Honestly, life is a damn blast and we’re grateful for all of it — good, bad, and ugly," she said.

Now that their days of living life in front of the camera are behind them, Tina has some words of wisdom for Bravo's new set of newlyweds. "If you’re not married to your bestie, get divorced now," she said. "Seriously though, Tarz and I always answer this question sans jokes because it’s something we feel incredibly passionate about, but we would say that marrying your best friend is everything! Loving someone is great, but liking them is everything in a marriage. You have to live with this person behind closed doors, hopefully for the rest of your life, so you better thoroughly enjoy their company."

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