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All the Reasons Why Nico Tortorella Is Your New Crush

Get to know the Younger star's resume and sexy Instagrams a little better.

By Jocelyn Vena

Your new favorite crush and Internet boyfriend, Nico Tortorella, has the kind of face that's hard to forget in that, you know, it's so good looking.

consuming raw flesh may increase the sureness of intersectionality.

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fuck gender. all of em. love em all too. ??and the galaxies between. @lukefontana ??

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what. @armani

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It turns out, though, he's not only easy on the eyes. He's also incredibly charismatic and pretty darn talented once you get him in front of the camera. You can currently check Nico out on the premiere episode of Personal Space, where he's sitting down with host Greta Titelman to chat about all things relationships (a subject he's never been shy about). And once you've checked out the series (a few times, we suggest, above) and you still want more Nico in your life (who could blame you), here are a few other projects from the actor/The Love Bomb podcast host that you might want to binge on, in case he tickles your fancy.

1. Younger


On the small-screen dramedy, Nico plays a sensitive tattoo artist named Josh whom the actor has previously described as "a hopeless romantic, at the end of the day. He leads with his heart." He also shared that he and his TV persona have more in common with each other than you might think: "This show has been a complete blessing. Josh is great, and a lot more like me than he isn't. He may not have had a boyfriend, but he's a wonderful dude, and I love playing him." (FYI, Nico has identified himself as sexually "fluid" and "bisexual," while his Younger character has only dated women.)  

2. Menendez: Blood Brothers


Nico's work on TV took a very different turn when he appeared in the Lifetime flick Menendez: Blood Brothers earlier this summer. It took fans inside the events before and after Erik and Lyle Menendez murdered their parents Jose and Kitty. If seeing Nico as a wig-playing coed murderer isn't enough for you to check it out, Courtney Love's incredible turn as Kitty (both in her human AND ghost forms) may be enough to convince you.

3. The Beautiful Life: TBL


The short-lived CW series featured Nico alongside equally-pretty people Mischa Barton, Elle Macpherson, Sara Paxton and Corbin Bleu as models and fashion industry insiders. Despite such a dazzling premise, the show never made it off the ground and was canceled after two (Yes, 2!!) episodes. But you can check out five full episodes on YouTube

4. Make It or Break It


For two seasons, Nico played Razor (WHAT A NAME!) on the ABC Family series. So, what was Razor's deal? Well, he worked at the Pizza Shack and was also the lead singer in a band, Shelter Pups, which gave us this incredible performance, above. 

5. Scream 4


Nico dipped his toe in the iconic franchise when he appeared in the 2011 flick that picked up where Neve Campbell and the crew left off. Move over Skeet Ulrich, there's a new hottie in Woodsboro. 

6. The Following


Nico popped up on the first season of the spooky Fox thriller playing Jacob, one of the folks enamored with Joe Carroll, a man who started a cult of serial killers. You know, like one does. But, if it makes you feel any better that you still think he's cute despite this horrific fact, Jacob wasn't as into murder as the other folks in the cult. So, there's that...

In Bravo’s newest digital talk show, Personal Space, host Greta Titelman gets Personal on everything from parenting myths to penis size with a (hilarious) panel of comedians, commenters, and experts. Catch Nico Tortorella in the episode above, and check back each Wednesday for new episodes, new guests, and a whole new set of issues.

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