On Tonight's ATL

On Tonight's ATL

The late Ashley 'AJ' Jewell will be in tonight's episode - Andy Cohen explains why.


Andy Cohen spilled some Real Housewives of Atlanta deets in his daily blog, so bail out now if you want to be spoiler-free for tonight's episode! In the following excerpt from his blog, Andy reveals some big news surrounding NeNe's Daddy drama, and explains why production decided not to cut Kandi's scenes with AJ:

Who gonna check me, boo? I have exactly two more weeks of ATL (finale is next Thursday) to bust that line out, so just give me that time and then you won't have to suffer through it.

Tonight's episode is heavy on two counts: NeNe meets her dad (which is incredible) and there's a big storyline with Kandi and AJ that's tough to watch in the shadow of AJ's passing. Some of you may wonder why we didn't completely cut the scenes out, but we felt that would be wrong for a number of reasons. First of all, it would've minimized his role in Kandi and her family's lives — when we taped the show a few months ago he was about to become her husband. It would've implied that somehow his actions or behavior was somehow negative — they weren't. We think you'll appreciate our decision when you see what transpires over the next two episodes, and we felt that keeping him was the most respectful to his memory and to his family.


You can read Andy's daily blog right here, and watch a sneak peek of tonight's all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta below.



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