Patti Stanger Tells Demi Moore to 'Hang in There!'

Patti Stanger Tells Demi Moore to 'Hang in There!'

She advises the A-lister on life after Ashton.

By Lauren Metz

Welcome back to the dating world, Demi Moore. Don't worry about being rusty; Patti Stanger's got your back.

"I'm her age, I know exactly what it feels like to feel like, you know, 'Is my tour of duty over?'" the Millionaire Matchmaker tells Access Hollywood. "And I say to Demi, 'Hang in there! But you need to date older – in your own age group.'"

And go for the spiritual type this time around, Demi. "She's very involved in the Kabbalah Center. I don't get the sense that Ashton is really in it for himself as far as Kabbalah is goes, to heighten himself. I think he did it for Demi," P adds. "I think she needs to find someone in her own age group who’s probably outside of Hollywood who's a business owner."

While some – not many – were surprised by the power couple's split, our love master saw the writing on the wall early on. "What it is, is that there's a 16-year age difference in the older female and younger male. I don't think it can work. In my opinion, I think the other way can."

Do you agree with Patti? Were Demi and Ashton doomed from the start? Start a Tweet Battle, and make your case.

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