Patti Stanger Warns Jessica Simpson to Dump Her Man

Patti Stanger Warns Jessica Simpson to Dump Her Man

The superstar deserves a fiancé with a job, says P.

By Lauren Metz

Jessica Simpson, the runaway bride? Patti Stanger is all for it. 

"Get rid of him – next!" the Millionaire Matchmaker instructs Jessica in the pages of OK! Magazine. Why the harsh words about Jess' fiancé, former NFL player Eric Johnson?  "The guy's a douche bag. He has no job, he played for six seconds on the team. He is not – not – the guy for her." (Well, technically no NFL player has a job right now, but we digress.)

Not that Jess needs a man who makes bank – her fashion empire is reportedly worth a billion, yes billion, dollars. Still, Patti's sticking by her love guns. "I have never seen him be the guy for her. She needs a strong powerhouse, and that ain’t it. She needs somebody like her dad."

Hubby No. 1 Nick Lachey probably begs to differ about Joe Simpson's knight in shining armor-like qualities, but continue, Patti. "Her dad is a genius, and so is her mom. That's why their marriage is strong. I think she needs a guy like her dad, a businessman – not someone trying to use her and use her coattails. Someone who has his own thing – even if it's a small little business he just started, Joe will take it to the next level."

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