Phaedra Defends Bringing Redickulous to Kandi's Party

Phaedra Defends Bringing Redickulous to Kandi's Party

"I think nudity is beautiful," she says.

By Lauren Metz

Maybe next year just stick to a gift card, Phaedra. "I think what people have to remember is gifts are given according to the recipient," the Real Housewives of Atlanta star tells s2smagazine about her, um, eyebrow raising birthday surprise. "All last season you heard me speak about Redickulous and Kandi requested she wanted to see it."

Kandi, yes. Mama Joyce? Not so much. "When I went to go and bring my gift out, Mama Joyce was on the other side of the room having fun with her friends," Phaedra explains. "I was shocked that someone had brought her back there for it. It was intended for the young ladies who came for Kandi's birthday party."

Even though Kandi's mother didn't appreciate Redickulous' extraordinary "talent," Phaedra insists there are no hard feelings. "She wasn't upset with me, and we don't have any issues. I respect her. We just had dinner together."

Even Apollo gave Phaedra the A-OK for letting her stripper pal tag along for the night. "God doesn't create anything that's not beautiful or wonderful," she tells the mag. "I love the human body. I think nudity is beautiful, in the right atmosphere, and not in a perverted manner. So many people are so uncomfortable with themselves without clothes on. It's a shame. Everything was created in God's own image, and I think my husband knows that."

Was Phaedra in the right to invite Redickulous? Start a Tweet Battle, and make your case.

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