POLL: Have You Ever "Leaked" Like Vicki?

POLL: Have You Ever "Leaked" Like Vicki?

The original Housewife "peed the bed" in Mexico. Have you ever lost bladder control too?


By Kevin O'Donnell

You gotta hand it to Vicki Gunvalson—the girl knows how to leave her mark.

On last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the Wives were whooping it up in Mexico for Tamara's bachelorette party. But one of the ladies may have lost too much control—of her bladder.

"Oh my god! [Vicki] peed my bed!" Tamra shared the following morning, after the ladies appeared to have a bit too much to drink.

For her part, Vicki 'fessed up to her leak, which she said "was just, like, a trickle."

"I'm not gonna lie about it," she admitted. "I did it. Just a little bit. Whatever…Tell me none of you have ever leaked. Everybody's leaked."

That got us thinking: have any of you ever "leaked' at one point in your life?

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