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Pregnant in Heels Baby Expert Rosie Pope Still Has "Crazy Baby Fever"

These days, the former #PregnantInHeels star is juggling more projects than ever. 

By Jocelyn Vena

Rosie Pope may no longer be pregnant in heels, but the Bravo alum remains just as focused on her commitment to all things maternity. Nearly four years after her series Pregnant in Heels left the air, the motherhood and pregnancy expert is just as busy with her tots and her ever-expanding empire dedicated to, well, mothers and babies. Still, there's one place she can't seem to shake her reality TV past. "[I get recognized] at airports," Rosie told The Daily Dish. "I'm always with all the kids, sweating and who knows what else, and inevitably I get searched by this security guard and they're like, 'Oh my God, it's you.' It's funny." 

Pregnant in Heels debuted in 2011 after Rosie made an appearance on Bethenny Getting Married. Rosie was already a busy mom back then, but her life has only gotten more hectic with four kids (her youngest daughter Bridget was born in March 2014) and a thriving business. Still, she hasn't completely ruled out having more children, much to the dismay of her husband, Daron. "I would have another one in a heartbeat, but my husband definitely put the end to that," Rosie said. "It was so funny, we had a new baby so often [close] to the holidays that this is the first holiday we didn't have a baby. He just looked at and me [and was like], 'Honey, I am so tired. You cannot have another baby with me. You'll have to go elsewhere.' I think that we are done. But I have crazy baby fever."

Should Daron stay true to his stance, Rosie has enough other projects to keep her busy, including her work with Rosie Pope Maternity and Rosie Pope Baby, and her recently launched baby shoe collection. With the latest extension of her brand, it's clear her work is influenced by her own experiences as a mom. "I live it. I have four kids of different ages. The last eight years I've just lived baby showers and nurseries and baby clothes, getting pregnant, and all that stuff over and over again. It just gives you a lot inspiration from a practical side of things," she said. "I sort of live and breathe what I do."

Rosie Pope showing off her baby shoe collection.

With all that on her plate, Rosie has found a unique space to get some alone time. "Honestly, I think this sounds ridiculous but the only time I have time for myself is when I go to the bathroom," she said. "And everyone always tells me I take forever to go for a pee and it's because I'm not really just peeing but it's the one place I have to shut the door. It's so funny, my kids are like, 'You always have to go to the bathroom.' Really, I'm just taking a moment."

She also makes sure to take a moment to enjoy time with Daron, whom she married in 2006. The couple tries to get out of the house every once and a while to "keep that romance alive." "This isn't very exciting but one of the things my husband always says is 'to the core.' We've been through so much together, both good and bad, I'm so thankful for the family we have that we really do love each other to the core," Rosie added. "There's just a unbreakable bond there that I know we'll never go, so that really helps."

Rosie has been living her life away from the cameras for the last few years, but has begun thinking about a future in television once again — should the right project come along. "TV is one of those things [where] for a while I was glad not to be on it, and now I think I do miss it," she said. "[Because] to help so many people and I still hear so many positive things about it that now my kids are a little older it's certainly something that I would consider again," she said, joking that it might be "a wild drinking show." Well, not really. Much like Pregnant in Heels, she likes to stay in the pregnancy, parenting and entrepreneurial spaces. "I'm really interested in seeing women in business. I think there are a lot of women doing a lot of amazing things and have really interesting stories to be told behind the scenes of what's going on."

Check out some throwback photos of Rosie, below.

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