Rachel and Brad's Breakup: What Happened?

Rachel and Brad's Breakup: What Happened?

Have the two mended fences since shooting the season premiere?

By Lauren Metz

Never make the same mistake twice, right? Rachel Zoe learned that lesson the hard way.

In last night's season premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project, our stylist to the stars explains, "After three years of working together, Brad sat Rodger and I down and said, 'I need to make a change. I want to be at home with my dog and my boyfriend. I want my personal life. I want to get out of the limelight.'"

That was all good and dandy by Team Zoe, but then... dun dun dun. "Within a week of us parting, when Brad went out on his own as a stylist, he started to pursue our clients, started going to all these events, and doing all the things he said he had no interest in," the fashion powerhouse continues. Having a quasi-Taylor flashback? Yeah, Rachel is too. "It's not the first time I've been used. I would say it's going to be the last time, though."

But cameras caught that moment some time ago -- have the two mended fences since the season premiere was shot? Don't bet your Herm├Ęs baby toys on it. Rachel tells TVGuide that she doesn't talk to Brad today. "We really don't have a relationship at the moment. But, you know, more power to him. Whatever he wants to do is all good by me."

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