'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Stars Turn Tables on Jay Mohr

'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Stars Turn Tables on Jay Mohr

Cast members weigh in on the Jersey recapper's stint as WWHL guest host.

By Lauren Metz

While Andy Cohen was off basking in the sun, our resident Real Housewives of New Jersey expert Jay Mohr took over the Watch What Happens: Live! throne last night, but how did he fare?

"I'm hearing A LOT of different reviews on jay mohr during #wwhl how'd he do? Did he say anything good?" Chris Manzo tweeted his followers about the famed comedian's time in the clubhouse hot seat with RHONJ couple Kathy and Rich Wakile. "I'm dancing around the question, did he say anything mean about us?"

Little sis Lauren Manzo cautiously asked the same, "What did jay say about me? I heard he 'slammed' me." Lauren's "unreasonable" complaining (Caroline Manzo's words — not ours!) in last night's episode wasn't single out: Jay pulled the trigger on round after round of Jersey jokes, but it's all good -- Lauren took his sharp tongue in stride. "I dont get offended w/things @jaymohr37 says.Thats his job-make jokes &give his opinion-hes doing job that Bravo asked him 2do-I understand," she tweeted.

The Wakiles gave their stamp of approval on Mohr's performance, too, but there's at least one person who failed to find the funny. Jacqueline Laurita's daughter Ashley (or Ashlee) tweeted, "jay mohr isn't even that funny of a comedian.. i'm sorry.. you can tell he tries WAY too hard to be funny.. and rarely succeeds #wwhl."

Uh, ouch, but leave it to sometimes-Cajun cousin Chris to bring back the humor. "I feel like one day @ashleeholmes and @jaymohr37 are going to have a show down, and in the tensest of moments they're gonna makeout," he tweeted.

Overall, Jay's comedic chops got a standing ovation from the big boss: "Thank you @jaymohr37 for killing it in the clubhouse!" Andy tweeted from the other side of the pond. And even the majority of fans appreciated Jay taking his cracks from the Bravo blogosphere to live TV. "Thank you to ALL the WWHL fans out there. You guys are incredible. A demographic amazingly light in cyber bullying. Very nice fans. #bravo," he tweeted after the show.

Did you catch Jay's stint on WWHL? Did he "kill it" like Andy says? Start a Tweet Battle, and make your case.

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