Real Housewives of NYC: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Real Housewives of NYC: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Miss Bethenny's trail of tears on last night's NYC? Get the dish on the bridge breakdowns here.

By Melanie Caselas


Group hug anyone? That was intense.

Last night on Real Housewives of NYC, Bethenny kept her (literal and figurative) luggage close before she left for California to see her estranged father. As we've found out, Bethenny has had quite the overwhelming year. Between writing her books, developing her relationship with the new Jason, and hearing news about her father, keeping up with the Zarins just wasn't in the cards.

But better late than never, Bethenny arrived at Ramona's apartment this week with an apology card in hand. And this time it was Jill Zarin that was overwhelmed as Bethenny was ready to talk (read: cry) it out. The problem? Jill wasn't in on the invite. Angry and still not ready to forgive, Jill put up a fight. "Who brought her here?" she demanded. Ramona pleaded innocent.

Sure, Jill [and LuAnn were] surprised by the encounter, calling Ramona the "fuel to the fire." But how was Ramona supposed to know that the friendship intervention wouldn't be a hit? At least she tried. And as Ramona reminded us, Jill did the same thing last year with Kelly and Bethenny. Unfortunately, things did not work as smoothly this year.

Is it okay to force a discussion between two feuding friends? By the looks of things, probably not. It seems that a one-sided truce is like a bridge that ends half way. And in NYC, the only bridge Ramona can successfully cross is the one to Brooklyn - but definitely not without a fight.


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