How Does Karen Huger's Husband Feel About Being Called the "Black Bill Gates"?

How Does Karen Huger's Husband Feel About Being Called the "Black Bill Gates"?

The #RHOP spouse isn't in love with this term of endearment.

By Laura Rosenfeld

The first time we heard Karen Huger talk about her husband Raymond Huger on The Real Housewives of Potomac, she introduced him as the "black Bill Gates." Karen seems to love referring to her hubby by that nickname, but does Raymond feel the same way? "Raymond absolutely hates being called 'the black Bill Gates.' Let me be very clear," Karen told The Daily Dish. "I want to strangle my girlfriends who took that term that I bestowed upon him and shared it with the world, but I own it."

At least the nickname comes from a very loving place. "When I first started dating Ray, I helped him organize his office and I ran across a memo where he had written a speech to introduce Bill Gates to a conference of, I think, 800 people. I was just blown away that this man that I'm dating actually introduced Bill Gates at a conference. And I said, 'You're my little black Bill Gates,'" the RHOP grand dame explained. "I call him that. I think I need to stop, though. But to me, I own it. He's mine. He's my 'black Bill Gates.' But he hates it."

Even though Raymond isn't so fond of this moniker, he and Karen are still as in love today as when they first met at the Black Caucus more than 20 years ago. "I actually recently divorced, like two years prior to meeting him. And we were at a formal event, and he asked me to dance. And he took me in his arms, and I swear to God, he was making this noise in my ear, but when he took me in his arms I knew," Karen said. "The way he held me, I knew that was gonna be my husband. I didn't even see Raymond physically. I just felt him spiritually. And we've had that connection for 22 years. We've been married 20 years this September. So he's my best friend."

We've seen that Karen and Raymond live a fabulous life these days, but that wasn't always the case. Learn how Karen ended up married to a millionaire, below.

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