#RHONY Reunion: The Most Surprising Thing Was...

#RHONY Reunion: The Most Surprising Thing Was...

Andy Cohen reveals the moments that shocked him from the Season 7 reunion taping. 

By Jocelyn Vena

We know where they're sitting. We know what they did after the cameras stopped rolling. And now host Andy Cohen is giving his take on the Real Housewives of New York Season 7 reunion, which taped Tuesday (July 7). Read on for some juicy hints about what we're going to see. (We can't wait!)

Anything about this reunion that surprised you?

ANDY COHEN: Yes, Ramona is known for being he first housewife to walk off a reunion, she was the first to dictate the room temperature at a reunion. She has shut me down and shut me up — but she did something during this one that I have never seen before.

Who was the most surprising during the day? 

Luann was guns blazing and I have never seen her so fired up.

Who was the toughest to get through to? 

I think the surprising thing is that almost everyone got through to whom they were speaking.

Who seemed the most nervous?

It was Dorinda's first reunion, so I think she was.

What was the most divisive topic of the day? 

Luann vs. Carole and Heather about "Girl Code."

Aside from the eight ladies, whose name came up the most? 

The Johnny Depp pirate resurfaced, as did Dorinda's boyfriend, John, and Carole's boyfriend, Adam.

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Shakin' Their Pirate Booty

Who had the best one-liners? 


Who had your favorite look? 


As you prep for the reunion, check out some of the RHONY's more memorable moments.


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