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Rosie Pope Says It Loud and Clear: 'I Have No Speech Impediment'

"To me, a Jersey accent sounds nuts," she says of her unique enunciation.

By Jordan Upmalis

In the end, the outlandish requests and unbelievable behavior of Rosie Pope's over-the-top clientele may have been upstaged by one thing on Pregnant in Heels -- Rosie's accent.

It's inspired scrutiny, and even its own Saturday Night Live skit, attention that the British maternity maven find baffling. "To me, a Jersey accent sounds nuts," she told the Today Show. "But no, apparently my accent is the craziest." And in case you're wondering, Rosie explained, "I have no speech impediment, though thanks to so many people speculating about it, I'm beginning to think I might have one!"

Well what about those closest to home? What do they think? "You know what's really the absolute craziest?" she asked. "For my whole marriage, I've said things and my husband has said, 'What?' He needs me to repeat myself because he didn't understand what I said. And I have kept on saying, 'How can you not know what I'm saying? We're married 7 years already!' But now I'm thinking, hmm, maybe I DO have a speech impediment! It would explain a lot."

Ever the good sport, Rosie was more flattered than hurt by the SNL spoof, and even told  Today she'd be sharing the laughs for generations to come.

What do you think? Is an SNL skit the sincerest form of flattery, or the ultimate diss? Start a Tweet Battle and make your case.

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