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5 Celebrities Who Lead Secret Lives

Bet you can't guess what special talents these A-listers are hiding.

By Lauren Brown West-Rosenthal

We live in a world where we think we know everything about our favorite celebs. Reality shows, talk shows, social media — all of it lets us glimpse into their private lives and feel like we’re in the know about whom they’re dating, where they’re eating, and what they’re wearing. But are they really sharing everything? We went deep and discovered that some of the biggest stars have been holding out on us. Here are five celebs who’ve evaded the paparazzi long enough to enjoy some surprising secret passions.

1. Mila Kunis — Super Obsessed World of Warcraft Player

Mila was so into the online role-playing game that other players started to recognize her famous voice. After having to give it up cold turkey, she told MTV News that discussing World of Warcraft “feels like a drug addict talking about a drug.” We’re sure she still longs to know what happened to her character (named after Star Trek’s famed Captain Piccard) but we’re glad she has other things to keep her occupied, like her hot husband Ashton Kutcher, daughter Wyatt, and new baby on the way! It’s for the best, as Mila has admitted that she was so into WOW that she dragged other friends into playing with her and they would never leave the house.

2. Nick Cannon — The CCO of Radio Shack

We all know that Nick is the master of multitasking. He admits to barely sleeping, and we believe him. How else could he keep up with hosting America’s Got Talent, his production and management company, Ncredible Entertainment, his charitable endeavors, his spoken word poetry, hosting Wild 'N Out, and going on stand-up comedy tours? Plus, it turns out he’s got a corporate gig, too — Nick is the Chief Creative Officer for RadioShack! The company that has been struggling to stay in business actually hired Nick last year. As CCO, Nick creates RadioShack-exclusive products and curates the in-store experience, something that is a true full circle moment for him. “When I was eight years old, I got my first microphone, my first mixer, my first keyboard, and the people at RadioShack taught me how to hook things up. I have a real affinity for the brand. It was a pillar in my community,” Nick told CNN’s Squawk Box about the gig earlier this year. But our takeaway is this: Nick has basically figured out how to get through life without ever sleeping, storing up an unlimited supply of energy and brain power.

3. Lenny Kravitz — Renowned Interior Designer

We know that Lenny is a renaissance man with his music, acting career, and the statements he makes with his fashion-forward attire. So, it’s no surprise that he has a keen eye for interior design — his home is surely an aesthetically pleasing haven we need to see. But what is surprising? He actually owns his very own interior design firm. In fact, Kravitz Design Inc. has been around for over ten years and has taken on some major clients, including the penthouse recording studio at the Setai Hotel and Residences and the set of The Queen Latifah Show. KDI has furnished private homes and hotels, but their next big project is their most chic to date. KDI is the interior design firm for 75 Kenmare, one of New York City’s newest and most desirable luxury buildings. And guess who is spearheading the sales of this exclusive property? None other than Fredrik Eklund of Million Dollar Listing: New York, who can’t believe he’s working with Lenny Kravitz. Fredrik told The Daily Dish, “This is years in the making. I have introduced the idea of Lenny to several of my developers. I have tried to get this to work and it hasn't until now for different reasons.” To say this will be one chic spot is an understatement—where do we submit our application?

4. Ryan Gosling — Ace Knitter and Band Member

Hey girl, did you know that besides being a versatile actor and insanely good looking (Eva Mendes and their two daughters are so lucky) that Ryan has a few other tricks up his sleeve? For starters, he could knit you a scarf. No joke! He picked up knitting while filming Lars and the Real Girl. There’s a scene where he’s in a room full of old ladies knitting—and they all really were knitting. Because it was an all-day scene, they taught Ryan how to do it during breaks. “It was one of the most relaxing days of my life," Ryan told GQ Australia. "If I had to design my perfect day, that would be it," he said. "And you get something out of it at the end. You get a nice present. For someone who wants an oddly shaped, off-putting scarf." Another way Ryan decompresses? His band Dead Man’s Bones, with whom he performs under the alias "Baby Goose." They even released an album in 2009 and have had songs on a few movie soundtracks including The Conjuring.

5. Patrick Dempsey — A Great Juggler of Our Time

Before he was McDreamy or possibly knocking up Bridget Jones and even way before he was racing cars, our Patrick was pursing another passion—juggling! He learned from a teacher in high school and actually finished second at an International Jugglers Association competition. Not too shabby, considering the kid he lost out to went on to join Cirque du Soleil. Patrick has kept up his skills and told the New York Times that, "Learning how to juggle changed my life. It gave me a purpose. It led me toward performance." So bottom line? Without juggling, Patrick may never have gotten the acting bug, and even though we’re still reeling over the fact that McDreamy is dead—there would have been no McDreamy at all!

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