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“They Hate Me Because I Won”: Sabrina's Tension with the Other Women on Dancing Queens, Explained

On the dance floor, Sabrina Strasser is all finesse and grace, but socially she's having issues with the other women on Dancing Queens.

By Joe Dziemianowicz

Sabrina Strasser is scoring with the judges on the dance floor on Dancing Queens, airing Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo. With the other women? Not so much. 

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On the dance floor, she’s finesse and grace — and a recent first-place triumph at a New Orleans competition provided a reminder of that. But dancing is a small world. When she interacts socially with her competitors, Sabrina is stirring up tension with her words. What's going on between Sabrina and the other women?

Sabrina Strasser Says the Ladies Give Her a Cold Shoulder

Dancing Queens Season 1 Sabrina

The initial tension came out in New Orleans, where Sabrina met up with Colette Marotto, Donie Burch ,and Gaëlle Benchetrit for a casual drink and a bite to eat before the upcoming ballroom event.

“I feel left out,” Sabrina said as Donie, Colette, and Gaelle chatted and laughed together. She then reflected on shifting from the category for dancers ages 16 to 36 to one for dancers 36 to 50.

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“Moving from A to B, I thought that the girls would just welcome me and be nice,” Sabrina said. “But they're bitchier.”

What the Women Say About Sabrina Strasser

Dancing Queens Season 1 cast

The other ladies believe she’s got that reversed and say they're used to enduring Sabrina’s verbal grenades — like the time she declared, “I’m kicking all of your asses tomorrow," or when she said, “You looked rusty with Alex,” to Colette, who’s already insecure about having a new partner after getting dumped by another

The topic of conversation turned back to when Sabrina showed up 45 minutes late for a gathering with the same three women on Dancing Queens. 

However, Sabrina said, “They didn’t hate me because I was late, they hate me because I won.”

Sabrina and Donie Have a Conversation

Donie, who’s grappling with her own dance-related concerns, had a retort for Sabrina. “That’s not the reason,” she said. “It’s because you say things like that.”

“It’s like a little Yorkie or something just nipping at your feet and annoying,” she later said of Sabrina.

Gaëlle, meanwhile, acknowledged Sabrina’s winning streak but fired off a warning shot about her unchecked bravado.

“Don’t be so confident,” she said. “You never know," before adding “Do you think you’re going to win again? Come on, I know you’re confident.”

Sabrina was taken aback.

“I hope I do,” she said after a pause. “I act confident, but I go home and I’m a stress case. It’s all a show.”

Sabrina’s revelation suggests that her trash talk may be part of the armor she wears and the show she puts on to keep an advantage. 

After all, as Gaelle said, “We never know who can come and show up … and maybe kick your butt.” 

Is that a reference to Leonie Biggs, perhaps, who’s in the New Orleans mix of dancers? She and Sabrina don’t know each other, but Leonie’s feeling mighty after a victory in Atlantic City.

“I have no relationship with Sabrina Strasser,” said Leonie. “She says she’s the best. If she wins at something she will publicize that she is a winner. And that’s actually one of the motivators. I want to compete against the best of the best.”

To keep up the ongoing tension and the ballroom moves, watch Dancing Queens, airing Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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