Who Was Heather Dubrow's First On-Screen Kiss?

Who Was Heather Dubrow's First On-Screen Kiss?

 The #RHOC actress once locked lips with a former teen heartthrob with a connection to the RNC. 

By Laura Rosenfeld

The 2016 Republican National Convention kicked off in Cleveland on Monday, and it's already causing a ton of buzz. And one of the more eyebrow-raising revelations to (sort of) come out of the event has to do with Heather Dubrow. 

After Lisa Rinna pointed out on Twitter that "Chachi is addressing the republican national convention," referring to Scott Baio's speech at the event, Heather revealed that the actor — best known for his work in sitcoms like Happy Days, its spinoff Joanie Loves Chachi, and Charles in Charge — was her first on-screen kiss.


The two locked lips on the early '90s ABC sitcom Baby Talk, which was inspired by the 1989 hit comedy Look Who's Talking and featured a wisecracking infant voiced by Tony Danza. It's just too bad George Clooney had left the show before Heather's appearance.


Still, Lisa seemed pretty impressed (or shocked?) that Heather's first on-screen kiss was with Scott. 


In addition to Baby Talk, Heather's acting career has included everything from portraying Jenny McCarthy's sidekick on Jenny to a combative juror in the courtroom drama Sequestered. 

Watch Heather discuss her greatest role — on- or off-screen — below.

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