Scottie Pippen Ready to Get Real With Miami Housewives

Scottie Pippen Ready to Get Real With Miami Housewives

The basketball legend fully supports his wife's new gig.

By Lauren Metz

Bring on the Miami heat! Scottie Pippen isn't worried about his wife Larsa Pippen being inducted into the sphere of reality TV as one of our Real Housewives of Miami. In fact, Michael Jordan's ex-wingman tells ESPN that Larsa Pippen came well-prepared for the job and drama that may follow.

"My wife loves [the other franchises]," he tells ESPN. "So obviously, she decided to get involved."  Larsa joins muy caliente cast mates Lea Black, Marysol Patton, Alexia Echevarria, Adriana DeMoura, and former basketball wife Cristy Rice to complete Miami's inaugural cast. (Check out photos of the Real Housewives of Miami.)

The NBA Hall of Famer also spills that viewers can expect to see his face pop up on the screen time and again, too. "They may have me in some cameos here and there from some of the episodes they've filmed," he tells ESPN. "I'm kinda passing through some scenes... I volunteered to give them that little bit." Having already built his career, Scottie's now more comfortable letting his wife -- and mom of four kids -- revel in the show's spotlight. "I'm not part of the show. It's not my personality," Scottie says. "But I'm happy for my wife. She's excited." (Watch the Real Housewives of Miami reveal their most shocking secrets.)

Larsa and her fellow Real Housewives of Miami make their debut on February 22 at 10/9c.

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