Sex In the Kitchen? 'Of Course!'

Sex In the Kitchen? 'Of Course!'

There's also talk of "turtle porn" with the 'Life After Top Chef' crew.

By Mike Hess

Just when the talk turned to "turtle porn," it was clear that the After Show portion of Watch What Happens Live was taking the Life After Top Chef cast into some pretty unfiltered territory. So when a Facebook fan asked Richard Blais, Fabio Viviani, Jennifer Carroll and Spike Mendelsohn if they've ever had sex in their kitchen (either personal or professional -- no distiction was made), do you think there'd be some blushing and shyness?

Think again. All copped to it, including an emphatic "We're chefs, of course we have" from Fabio, who has a way with the ladies like few others, as you've seen during his time on Bravo. Even Jen sitting in the background giggled as Fabio continued: "Hello, duh!" he said.

So what of that aforementioned turtle porn? Well, it may or may not exist, but let's just say this: What happens at night in Fabio's turtle pond stays in Fabio's turtle pond. Watch it all below, plus a little death row meal Q&A with the LATC crew.


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