Landon Clements Says We All Saw the "Real Shep" This Season of Southern Charm

Landon Clements Says We All Saw the "Real Shep" This Season of Southern Charm

Plus, could there finally be a romantic future between the two longtime friends? 

By Rachael Roberts

You might have heard a lot of sweet tea at the Southern Charm reunion but Landon Clements was unapologetically honest during her stop by Bravo HQ for The Daily Dish Podcast. While some may have been surprised by "Shepard 's party boy behavior this season, Landon says that this has been our Shep all along. "We finally got to see the real Shep," she said. "They’ve been sugarcoating him for a while now." And what is that "real Shep," exactly? "When Cameran Eubanks found him in his bed, full clothes at 1 PM, that is Shep," Landon explained.  

But what about her relationship with Mr. Rose? Landon did tell him she loved him last season after all. "Did you miss two minutes ago that he’s going to be on a dating show? I'm so good," she said. "I love him very much, but you see a grown man in his clothes at 1 PM on a Tuesday and I don’t love that." So safe to say we might not be seeing Landon dating on the upcoming Relationshep"The Rose train has left the station."

However, when pressed, Landon did admit to never saying never when it comes to Shep. "Eventually we'll be so old and we won't be bothered to date anyone. And there we are still on this little island so, who knows?"  

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