Slanket Sold Out?!

Slanket Sold Out?!' Editor is fascinated by the phenomenon known as The Slanket. Let her explain.

By Monica A. Reyhani

Alright, you guys, I've held my tongue for awhile on the phenomenon that is The Slanket, but now that it's already Chanukah and it's almost Christmas, I just can't contain my love for this ingenius, albeit creepy, gift idea anymore.

What's a Slanket you might ask? Well, it's a sleeved blanket, or as our talented photo editor refers to it "the best cult blanket ever." It's the Brangelina of the fleece world, if you will. Just as I wrapped my head around the concept and was willing to buy some for friends, I find that they're sold out! Whaaa?! Seriously, this is a call for help! I thought I saw a knockoff in the Bed, Bath & Beyond circular, but now I can't find it, and I have a lot of friends with poor circulation who might go giftless!

Let me know if you've seen any other amazingly ridiculous gifts this holiday season!

- Monica A. Reyhani

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