So, Wait, What Did Harry Hamlin Actually Do?

So, Wait, What Did Harry Hamlin Actually Do?

And was Lisa Vanderpump involved? 'RHOBH' star and wife Lisa Rinna puts an end to the rumors.

By Jordan Upmalis

It's the question that's been lingering and alluding fans since last week's second installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion: What did Harry do?

Kim Richards insinuated she held some dirt on the actor, but refused to reveal the big secret. It even stumped co-star Lisa Vanderpump, who reached back out to Lisa Rinna, jokingly hoping she didn't have anything to do with the debacle.

Now Lisa Rinna is finally coming clean and clearing the air, taking to her Twitter to end the rumors once and for all. Ready for the big reveal? Let's let Lisa take it away:

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