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The Daily Dish Southern Charm

Is Southern Charm's Chelsea Meissner Still Friends with Victoria?

The Southern Charm hairstylist reflects on all the relationship drama with Austen Kroll.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Possibly the only thing worse than running in the same social circle as your ex is when your ex starts dating someone new and brings her into the group, too. Chelsea Meissner knows a thing or two about that this season of Southern Charm. 

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Here's a handy recap of everything that's gone down in this so-called love triangle so far this season of Southern Charm. Austen Kroll seemed to have been torn between Chelsea and Victoria, who just so happened to be friends with Chelsea, too. Things were at first a little icy between Austen and Chelsea when she found out he was dating Victoria. In fact, Austen actually ended up breaking things off with Victoria because he felt like something was holding him back. But the budding beer brewer ultimately decided to give a relationship with Victoria another try, and Chelsea actually took the news extremely well. The two remained close friends, which didn't exactly sit well with Victoria, especially after she caught a glimpse of a photo that seemed to show Austen and Chelsea getting cozy on a boat during the crew's Hilton head Island trip. Chelsea and Victoria finally came face-to-face to discuss that now-infamous photo at Austen's beer tasting in Thursday night's episode, and the ladies seemed to come away from that chat with a better understanding of each other. 

When The Daily Dish recently caught up with Chelsea over the phone, she explained what was actually really challenging about maintaining her friendship with Austen while he dated Victoria. "I think any time an ex dates a friend, there's a very fine line of if you can still be friends in a social setting or if you kind of part ways. I think that was really the biggest struggle for Austen and I. I was fine with him dating Victoria. I actually thought that they made a good couple. It's just that we couldn't be as close of friends because I knew it would be stepping on her toes," Chelsea said. "You can tell that our friendship is affecting his relationship with her. Even though neither one of us really want that to happen, that's just what happens when someone dates a friend. So that's kind of the issue with that."

Luckily, this tension didn't have a lasting impact on Chelsea's friendship with Victoria. She told The Daily Dish that the two are still friends today. "Yeah, I don't have any problem with Victoria," Chelsea said. "I haven't seen her in a while, but she does run kind of in the same group of friends that I do, so I'm sure I will, but I don't have any problems with her. She's a good girl." 

Chelsea said she has remained "good friends" with Austen as well, and she doesn't see that ever changing. "Austen and I have gotten close throughout the past two seasons, and I just think that it's hard for both of us to kind of back out of each other's lives when he started dating a friend of mine," she shared. "But at the end of the day, I just want the best for him, whatever makes him happy, and I think he thinks the same for me. We're just good friends." 

But if you were still hoping that these two will just figure it out already and officially become a couple, Chelsea is about to shatter all of your hopes and dreams. "No, we're just buddies," Chelsea told The Daily Dish when asked if there's any chance she'd ever get back together with Austen. "It's not like that anymore." 

Relive Chelsea and Victoria's heart-to-heart, below.

Did Chelsea and Austen Cross Any Lines?
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