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Who Is Jarrett "JT" Thomas? Meet the Cast Member From Southern Charm Season 9

He had a long history with Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, and Craig Conover before joining the show.

By Casey Suglia, Shannon Raphael & Sophie Vilensky

Southern Charm Season 9 marked the arrival of a few new faces: interior designer Rodrigo Reyes, computer programmer Rod Razavi, and real estate businessman Jarrett Thomas

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Jarrett, most often known as JT, particularly grabbed fans's attention when the show’s trailer showcased his interest in Shep Rose's recent ex, Taylor Ann Green.

So, what is there to know about the new cast member? And how are things going with Taylor? Read on to find out everything you need to know about JT.

Southern Charm Season 9 Cast

Who is Jarrett "JT" Thomas on Southern Charm?

According to his official Bravo bio, JT resides in South Carolina, but he originally hails from Virginia. As a result, being a Southern gentleman is important to him — and he’s looking for a Southern belle who can be his lifelong partner.

The press release adds, “JT is a successful Southern eccentric with a loud personality. Buoyed by his professional prowesses, he’s looking for a partner to spend the rest of his life with and has a particular Southern belle in mind.”

Southern Charm Season 9 Jarrett Thomas Promote

How old is Jarrett “JT” Thomas from Southern Charm?

Jarrett turned 38 years old in 2023.

Jarrett Thomas wearing a blue suit jacket and white button up shirt while having a conversation with someone.

How tall is Jarrett “JT” Thomas from Southern Charm?

JT’s height hasn’t been confirmed in quite some time, but his college sports roster (he was a soccer player at William & Mary in Virginia) lists him as 5'8" tall.

He's said on Instagram that he is "under six foot."

Jarrett Thomas sitting in a navy suit with a pink button down shirt.

Is Jarrett “JT” Thomas from Southern Charm married?

While JT once was married, he’s currently single. 

"I have a good life. I should be happy. But my whole life was building a career, building a business, and doing an event space, and I can't do this much longer, if that makes sense. As you know, I'm about to turn 38 and I don't have a wife or a girlfriend,” he shared during Season 9 Episode 6. "Granted, I did have a first at-bat if you will. Just, I botched that one, you know?"

In fact, the last we heard was he didn’t even have a Valentine’s Day date. During Season 9, Episode 8, JT joined the rest of the men for a trip to Shep’s family mountain house. On the way there, they realized it was Valentine’s Day and began discussing who their Valentines would be.

“Considering that my mom said no, I am available,” joked JT at the time.

Jarrett “JT” Thomas Thinks Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green Hooked Up

Who is Jarrett “JT” Thomas’s ex-wife?

During Season 9, Episode 6, JT sat down with his mom for an emotional conversation about his past marriage, including his “painful” divorce.

When he was 22, JT got married, but it only lasted “about four or five years.” Out of respect for her privacy and because "it's all worked out now," he doesn’t mention his ex’s name on the show. “It was a painful time,” he shared.

While JT admitted he adored his ex-wife (and his mom said the same, calling her “gorgeous and lovely as a human”), he thinks he was too young for a serious relationship.

"I really loved my ex-wife, but I just don't think people should get married when you're 22,” he shared. "I often wonder if I had met her at 30, would it have been different? Because I would've been more mature.”

Jarrett Thomas and Austen Kroll having a conversation together at a bar.

What was Jarrett Thomas’s relationship with Taylor Ann Green?

JT made it obvious that he was interested in Taylor from the start of Season 9.

"I am not a relationship counselor, but you were with Taylor — why did you let her go?” he asked her ex, Shep Rose, in Season 9, Episode 2. “I don't understand. It's gonna be hard to do better than her. She's, like, literally perfect.”

As the season continued, JT expressed his adoration for Taylor any time he can.

“Taylor’s very social and so am I, so we started hanging out in downtown Charleston,” he shared in Episode 9 while meeting up with his fellow cast member for a little charcuterie picnic in the park. “We went to Europe together with some friends. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but she’s a good woman. And instantly we clicked. It feels like I’ve known her for 20 years even though it’s only been one or two.”

JT admitted during Part 2 of the Southern Charm Season 9 reunion that he'd hid his feelings for Taylor throughout the season.

“I fell in love with Taylor last year, pretty hard, actually,” he said. “I’m not ashamed to admit that.”

Taylor, who was in a relationship with boyfriend Gaston Rojas when the reunion was filmed, talked about why those feelings weren’t reciprocated.

“I love JT, he’s an amazing human being and he’s fun to be around,” Taylor told the reunion’s host, Andy Cohen

But, Andy noted that JT “doesn’t treat her like sh-t," which he suggested was actually a turn-off for Taylor.

In the words of Craig: “Nice guys finish last.”

Jarrett Thomas Confesses His "Real" Crush on Taylor Ann Green

What does Jarrett “JT” Thomas from do for work?

JT is a real estate professional who also owns an array of luxury rental properties dubbed The Inns. 

"My mom's a top interior designer in the D.C. area. She renovates properties," he shared in Episode 3, explaining how he got started in the business. "She showed me the ropes, and now I invest in real estate, I develop real estate, I renovate real estate."

As his official bio so eloquently states, he’s “also a pro at partying”

Jarrett Thomas' event space furnished living room after he finished renovating it.

Who is Jarrett “JT” Thomas’s family?

As fans of Southern Charm know, JT is especially close with his mom Bunny, whom he lovingly calls “mommy.”

He also has five siblings: brother Matt and sisters Nicole, Caroline, Julia, and Natalie.

Jarrett “JT” Thomas and Type 1 Diabetes

Jarrett Thomas wearing a grey suit jacket with white pants and standing in front of a rustic seating area.

During a Season 9 confessional, JT opened up about having Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is which is caused by an autoimmune reaction that destroys the cells in the pancreas which make insulin, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Type 1 diabetes could be very dangerous long-term, but my mom took care of me and instilled a discipline in me that helped me focus on health at an early age,” JT said during the confessional. 

“But you gotta live, too, you know? I’m not gonna not eat ice cream, not have a beer. You gotta live your life and then you sort it out in the morning,” he added

Over on his Instagram account, JT has long been open about his journey with the disease, which was previously known as "juvenile diabetes" because of its tendency to manifest in people under age 18.

“Having lived with diabetes since the age of 15, I try to avoid sugarcoating things,” he wrote in one post from May 2023. “Over 100mm+ Americans suffer from diabetes and that number is growing rapidly as the health of our nation continues to crumble. The alarm bells should be going off for all of us.”

(The number of Americans suffering from diabetes is generally increasing due to rising levels Type 2 diabetes, according to the CDC.)

During Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 3, JT was seen waking up hungover after one too many drinks with the boys the night before. 

That morning, he tested his insulin levels, injected himself with insulin in the thigh, and FaceTimed his mom, Bunny, who gave him an important reminder about his health condition.

“Alcohol and diabetes does not mix,” she said. “You know it’s not good for your health.”

Originally published Aug 3, 2023.

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