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The Daily Dish Southern Hospitality

Who Is Emmy Sharrett on Southern Hospitality?

A promotion, now rescinded, had put this cast member ahead at work amid major transitions in her relationship.

By Jamontae Hickman & Sophie Vilensky

Leva Bonaparte employs members of Charleston’s “it” crowd at her nightclub, Republic Garden & Lounge. The cast members — who are servers, concierges, bartenders, and hosts for Leva — have to balance their work lives with their sometimes-complicated personal relationships. 

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Since Season 1 of Southern HospitalityEmmy Sharrett has been in a committed relationship with Will Kulp, while balancing her own work life and her dreams of a family and stay-at-home motherhood with her boyfriend.

Learn more about Emmy by scrolling below.

Where is Southern Hospitality's Emmy Sharrett from?

The Southern Hospitality cast member currently resides in South Carolina and has three sisters: Peyton, Bromley Madison, and Montana.

“I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Then my dad’s job took us to London. Then my dad’s job took us to Philadelphia. Then my dad’s job took us to beautiful Charleston, South Carolina,” she shared in Season 1, Episode 4 while stopping by Republic with her family, including mom Shawn Dee.

Emmy Sharrett in front of a step and repeat at the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse in New York City.

Where did Emmy Sharrett go to college?

Like Southern Charm-ers Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo, as well as her Southern Hospitality castmates Maddi Reese and Will, Emmy attended the College of Charleston. She graduated from the school in 2021.

Daily Dish Southern Hospitality Emmy Sharrett

What does Southern Hospitality's Emmy Sharrett do for work?

Emmy started as a VIP server at Republic Garden & Lounge in Season 1, tending to people who had booked VIP tables. 

Early in Season 2, Emmy told Leva that she wanted to take on more responsibility at Republic and, in Season 2, Episode 5, she filled in for VIP Manager Maddi, who was absent due to her performance with Vanderpump RulesJames Kennedy.

“I feel like I’ve been doing this position for weeks now,” Emmy said in a confessional of taking over for Maddi. “I think Leva recognizes how much I want this position and how hard I’ve been working for this.”

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In Season 2, Episode 9, Leva promoted Emmy to Assistant General Manager of Republic.

“I’m shocked, and I’m very happy,” Emmy told Leva about her new role. “I mean, it’s a bigger position then what I was asking for… and I think it’s an amazing opportunity for me to prove to you guys and to myself what I’m capable of.”

But at the Season 2 Reunion, Joe Bradley revealed that Emmy was no longer the AGM, which Leva confirmed.

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“We opened a new space — we asked several employees to go down there to help us with those new spaces,” she told host Andy Cohen. “Emmy was told, ‘Listen, you’re going to train for AGM, you’re going to train for VIP, and we need you to go down the road to train.”

Leva said that Emmy refused to do so due to feeling “uncomfortable” and “overwhelmed."

“I wasn’t very secure on going down the road [to the new club] to be VIP manager when I thought I was AGM at Republic, and everything just got very confusing to me,” Emmy said, confirming she's back to being a VIP server at Republic.

Leva Bonaparte Makes a Shocking Announcement to Her Republic Employees

Emmy Sharrett and Will Kulp’s relationship

Emmy Sharrett Shares Some Very Specific Details About Her Sex Life with Will Kulp

When Southern Hospitality Season 1 began, Emmy was in a relationship with Republic bartender Will. The couple began dating in 2021, broke up once and then reconciled before the show began filming.

“Will and I have been dating for six months,” she shared in Season 1, Episode 1. 

“When I left Will it was because I wanted more and I didn’t think he wanted the same,” Emmy said about their previous break-up in Season 1, Episode 2. “I never expected Will to come back with love letters, diamond earrings. He was pursuing me as hard as anyone has ever pursued me.”

She had a particular vision for their shared future, which she often talked about in confessionals on the show.

“I see Will on [our 40th birthday] with him having his own law firm. Two kids. A beautiful house in Charleston,” she said in Season 1, Episode 7. 

“Emmy wants me to be a lawyer because she knows it’ll afford both of us a certain lifestyle,” shared Will in Season 1, Episode 8. 

"I’ll be a housewife. I’ll be at home taking care of the kids, cleaning the house. A little wine at 5," she said in Episode 8. "There’s nothing wrong with being a trophy wife,” Emmy said.

But after Will dislocated his shoulder during a charity boxing match, Emmy felt her plans for the relationship had stalled
“Last year I was on track for ‘happy wife, happy life.’ This year Will is in a sling and I don’t have a ring. Good thing I love him,” she joked in Season 2.

In Season 2, Will announced his plans to go to law school in September 2023.

Did Will Kulp cheat on Emmy Sharrett?

During Season 2, drama entered Will and Emmy’s relationship when a rumor that Will had made out with another girl began to swirl. As the story went, he entered the bathroom with a girl that wasn’t Emmy — and a bottle of rosé — during boys’ night at Joe’s apartment.

Will vehemently denied the rumor, and Emmy stood by him.

“HIs best friend died and then he had shoulder surgery," she told Mia Alario in Season 2, Episode 4. "It’s not true.”

Still, Mia did some digging of her own.

“The two girls that were in the apartment ... I actually happened to know one of them. I texted her,” shared Mia during a coffee date with Emmy.

According to Mia’s texts, the one girl absolutely saw Will kiss the other girl. Still, Emmy didn’t believe it “for a second.”

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Will also denied the rumor, saying that he and the girl — who also knew his deceased best friend — had been comforting each other.

Emmy and Will decided to put the rumor behind them.

Does Emmy Sharrett Believe Cheating Rumors About Will Kulp?

Originally published Nov 11, 2022.

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