Summer by Bravo is Back!

Summer by Bravo is Back!

But what exactly is the theme this year?

By Andrew Herrmann

Summer is nearly upon us! And you know what that means: frozen cocktails, fabulous swimsuits, and of course our annual Summer by Bravo spots.

Now we've seen Lisa Vanderpump pole vault in last summer's Bravo Games and watched Padma Lakshmi pillow fight in her bunk during the previous summer's Camp by Bravo, so what can we expect this time around? Well, we can't tell you just yet, but we can try and decode this little teaser that was just released.

Admittedly two pairs of pumps walking across a beach is not much to work with, but we can make a few guesses:

- Beach Blanket Bravo! Some sort of Annette Funicello '60s inspired theme in which Padma (and hopefully Tom) wear beehive 'dos.

- Different match-ups of Bravolebs playing intense games of beach volleyball in their finest reunion outfits. You know you'd be riveted watching an New Jersey vs. Miami match where they all have to spike the ball in a one shoulder number and Louboutins.

- A full on re-enactment of the film Beaches. Because who wouldn't love to see Kim Zolciak sing "Wind Beneath my Wings"?

Those are our best guesses, but what do you think? Dust off your detective hat and be sure to share your theories in the comments below!

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