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Kyle and Amanda Recall Seeing Carl and Lindsay in "Their Own Little Love Bubble"

Summer House's Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula reveal their reaction to Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard's new relationship.

By Laura Rosenfeld
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After months of speculation, Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard confirmed this week that they are, in fact, dating — and their Summer House castmate, Amanda Batula, had one word to say about the news: "Yay!"

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Of course, Amanda, and her husband, Kyle Cooke, had been privy to the relationship before Carl and Lindsay went public with it, as they revealed during an exclusive interview with Bravo Insider over the phone on Wednesday, January 12.

Amanda noted how there has long been a spark between Carl and Lindsay, going back to Season 4 of Summer House when they explored a romantic relationship but ultimately decided to just stay friends. "They'd been such good friends for so long. You know, Carl literally moved into the same building as Lindsay because he sees her as such a good friend, she's so supportive of him, and it's like, they are so close in so many ways. And I've always said that some of the most successful relationships are built on friendships first," Amanda told Bravo Insider. "So if Lindsay and Carl make this work, it's probably one of the most obvious relationships, and I'm just really happy to see them both so happy."

Kyle echoed Amanda's sentiment, sharing that Carl and Lindsay are "just so supportive of one another." "They really understand one another and can make this work," he said.

Lindsay told Page Six that she and Carl "wanted a little bit of privacy" before going public with their relationship, something that Kyle respected as he has known about their romance for some time. "I found out on the Sunday we did, like, an event for Winter House. I think that they were both going through a lot individually, you know, and I think that they made the right decision to let the relationship kind of mature a little bit before they decided to make it public," he said. "We're just gonna be super supportive, just like they've been of us."

Amanda and Kyle said that they are both optimistic about Carl and Lindsay making a romantic relationship work this time around. "I think Carl's in a different place, you know, mentally and physically. Lindsay has gone through her ups and downs and knows exactly what she wants. I know for damn sure Lindsay would not be wasting her time with anyone that she didn't really see a strong future with," Amanda said. "And same thing with Carl. He's gone through so much in life; he's not gonna sit around and date someone for fun."

The Summer House couple has even gotten to witness Carl and Lindsay's love for each other firsthand. "We went on a trip with them to Charleston for Loverboy, and it was so weird to see the two of them so happy and so couple-y. And they're just holding hands and walking in front of us and just living, like, in their own little love bubble," Amanda gushed about the December business trip, which the Summer House cast members documented on Instagram. "Kyle and I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. We're like, this is a little weird, but this is also the cutest thing we've ever seen."

Kyle added that this was the first occasion where he and Amanda got to spend that much time with Carl and Lindsay since they started dating. He noted how "supportive" Lindsay was, not only of Carl but also of his work with Loverboy. "We stayed in a house, and it was like two couples," Kyle said. "And that was a first for the four of us."

Seeing Carl and Lindsay go from besties to lovers has been a smooth transition for Kyle. "They made it very easy," he said. "They were enjoying their relationship and each other."

Amanda admitted that Carl and Lindsay's new term of endearment for one another took a little getting used to. But overall, she can't deny how adorable they are as a couple. "I think that the weirdest part for me was how they kept calling each other 'babe.' That was the only thing that really threw me for a loop," Amanda recalled. "But the hand-holding and the laughing and the joking and the cuddling, it just, it warmed my heart."

We'll catch up more with both of these Summer House couples and all the romance — and drama(!) — in the Hamptons when Season 6 premieres on Monday, January 17 at 9/8c.

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