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Producers Reveal What Life Is Really Like Living in the Summer House

These Summer House filming secrets are major — and straight from the show's producers.

By Jessica Butler
What Its Like To Live In Summer House

There is always something going on with the Summer House cast and frankly, we can't get enough of it. Although we get to see all the drama and crazy antics play out on the show, there's so much that goes on behind the scenes — things only the producers get to see. Now, the production team is telling all and revealing what life in the Summer House is really like. 

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Keep reading to find out all of the crew's exclusive secrets!

1. What Bothers the Cast the Most

The housemates tend to feel most uncomfortable when Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula fight, say producers, adding, "It really is like Mom and Dad fighting!"

2. The State of the House

Apparently the Hamptons house doesn't stay clean and tidy for long. According to producers, the cast's house gets really messy and in a disarray "immediately after they arrive."

Although the house can get a bit chaotic and disheveled, one weekender does his best to help out. Producers say that Carl Radke ALWAYS takes out the trash and cleans up. However, Hannah Berner can sometimes counteract Carl's efforts and usually makes a mess "even bigger," producers reveal.

3. Restaurant Etiquette

When the crew goes out in the evenings, the production team comes with them. They say that the biggest challenge of filming at a restaurant is "not disturbing the other customers," adding, "And that everyone isn't just shouting over each other the entire time."

4. Privacy? What's That?

The cast used to have a few hidden spots they would go to for privacy, but that has all changed. Aside from the bathrooms, which are off-limits, producers have added cameras to other areas of the house... especially after discovering Paige DeSorbo and Carl's not-so-secret location.

"We learned our lesson after Season 3 when Paige and Carl would make out in the pantry," explain producers.

Probably due to the added cameras inside the house, the gang now goes to the side of the house or in their closets to try to have private convos. However, producers admit, "We can always hear them."

5. Settling In

The cast has really turned the Hamptons house into their second home. Pretty much everyone — except Hannah — actually unpacks each week. People leave belongings at the house during the week and ship belongings there too. "It's their house and their rooms," say producers.

6. The Most, Ahem, *Occupied* Places

Now which room has seen the most action? According to producers, it's either Lindsay Hubbard's bathroom or Kyle and Amanda's bathroom. "They like to have sex in there occasionally," spill producers.

Even so, Amanda gets most self-conscious about hooking up or kissing with the cameras there.

7. Loverboy Is Loved by All

How many cases of Loverboy are in the house at any given moment? "Too many!" say producers.

But how many cases of Loverboy have the producers consumed in their off-time? The answer to that would also be "too many."

8. Looking Fine Takes Some Time

The gang loves to dress up and look their best for a night on the town. In fact, Jules Daoud or Hannah take the longest to get ready to go out, say producers, adding that Hannah is usually procrastinating during that time, though.

9. A Land of Lost Equipment

The filming crew has lost quite a bit of equipment in the backyard pool. "Hannah loves to jump in mic'd and we have threatened to fine her," disclose producers, adding, "Carl's lost his phone in it a few times too."

10. Breakfast of Champions

What's on the menu for the Summer House gang? "Bacon. Every morning," explains the production team.

11. The True Hamptons Experience

Although we never see it, the producers "sit in the same traffic as everyone else" to get to and from the Hamptons, adding, "Sometimes it take three hours, sometimes six or more. We spend half the summer on the Long Island Expressway."

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