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Sutton & Crystal's "Ugly Leather Pants" Moment Inspired Jealousy-Inducing Joggers

If this unforgettable The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills exchange lives rent-free in your brain, it's time to add these hilarious sweatpants to your cart. 

By Sophy Ziss

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In Season 11, Episode 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sutton Stracke accidentally walked in on Crystal Kung Minkoff while she was changing. The mistake added to the strained relationship between the two cast members, and eventually resulted in an all-time quote from Sutton just four episodes later: "Jealous of what? Your ugly leather pants?"

First of all, Crystal's pants were totally cute. Second, we were inspired to put "These Are Not Ugly Leather Pants" on a pair of cozy sweatpants, because that's also cute and funny. And, honestly, probably more comfortable than a pair of real leather pants.

But how did that conversation come to be in the first place? Let's back up.

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Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung-Minkoff laughing and tasting wine together.

What happened between Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton Stracke?

In Season 11, Crystal and Sutton weren't seeing eye to eye. Each felt misunderstood by the other when trying to have meaningful conversations. Then, on the group trip to Lake Tahoe, the door-opening mishap caused tensions between the two to boil over.

When Crystal hosted the RHOBH cast for a bonding night making dumplings in Season 11, Episode 6, she and Sutton were able to address the moment. Sutton saw opening the door on her fellow cast member as a mistake, while Crystal said she felt "violated" by it. Sutton took offense to Crystal's use of the word "violated." 

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When did Sutton say "ugly leather pants?"

In Season 11, Episode 8, the RHOBH cast was gathering for a group dinner. By then, Crystal had put the Lake Tahoe incident behind her, but Sutton was still uncomfortable with Crystal describing it to her as "violating." Garcelle Beauvais stepped in to mediate between her friends.

"Look at [Crystal]," she said to Sutton, "And tell her what you need to fix this so we can move on."

Sutton took a moment to gather herself, before explaining "The word 'violate' is really crazy to me," adding "What crazy planet do you live on?" 

"Um, not yours," Crystal replied. After a pause, she continued, "I'm not going to change the word that I used. The word was used correctly." 

"You can't un-use it, Crystal," Sutton said, "It's out there."

Crystal commented that she "would never [un-use it]," and that she "would use the word again."

"What do you need so we can move on from this?" interjected Garcelle.

Kyle Richards suggested that she thought Sutton might "want an apology" for Crystal's use of "violated."

"No," said Crystal immediately, standing by her initial opinion on the situation.

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From there, tensions only escalated further. Crystal's non-apology, "I'm sorry that you're upset," rattled Sutton, who asked Crystal "why [she] was so defensive" about the walk-in at all, and "what were you doing?" that could have resulted in feeling violated.

"You're upset because you're jealous," Crystal said, "Period." 

Sutton began to leave party, but first turned around and replied "Jealous of what? Your ugly leather pants?"

The camera then pulled back to show Crystal's full outfit, which did include high-waisted leather pants.

But hey, at least they were chic! What else is chic? Your new favorite pair of unisex joggers. They're perfect for curling up in on the couch ahead of your next Bravo marathon.

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