Tabatha Coffey Shares Family Struggle Over her Sexuality

Tabatha Coffey Shares Family Struggle Over her Sexuality

"It was really hard on (my mother)," she says.

By Lauren Metz

Although Tabatha Coffey's parents owned strip clubs filled with drag queens, her mother wasn't so open-minded when it came to her own daughter's sexuality.

"It was really hard on her, and it was really hard on me," the Tabatha's Salon Takeover star confides to NBC New York about initially telling her mother she's gay. Given her unconventional childhood, the Queensland, Australia native admits, "When I came out to my mom, I thought she would be totally accepting and fabulous...[but] with me, she was very not accepting and not fabulous."

That led Tabatha to struggle with coming to terms with who she is, and the 42-year-old hair guru adds, "It was a process that I had to work through -- and she had to work through frankly -- until I felt comfortable to say I'm done. I'm not in and out of the closet anymore. I'm out. I'm done. I'm here."

Today, Tabatha's helping others in a similar position by sharing her story with the world. "For me, writing about that in [It's Not Really About the Hair] was really important because people struggle with that all the time. One would assume that it was so easy for me, and it really wasn't so easy."

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