Take the NBC/Olympics Study and Earn $400

Take the NBC/Olympics Study and Earn $400

NBC is conducting a special new study about how people follow the Winter Olympics. Only 30 people will be selected  for this project. Because you are a  core member of the Bravo community they've asked us to extend the invitation for you to  apply. You can apply online right now to see if you are  eligible. Participants will be well compensated.

The study will be  conducted for NBC by IMMI, a trusted research supplier. IMMI is a research  company that helps major broadcasters, Internet sites, movie studios and radio  stations understand what TV people like to watch. The Olympics project is a  very important study. By joining us, you will provide information that  influences the future of Olympics and other programming.

This program requires installation of  IMMI software on Blackberry or iPhone mobile phones and on your home and work  PCs. If you have an iPhone or Blackberry, we will download our software to  your phone and pay you $400 at the conclusion of the study in February. If you  do not have an iPhone or Blackberry, we will give you one that you can keep at  the end of the program #instead of the $400 honorarium). In addition, you can  earn rewards every day throughout February just by keeping your phone charged  and with you!

In order to see if you qualify, you'll need to complete  the survey HERE.

The survey should only take about 10 minutes to  complete.

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