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The Daily Dish Top Chef: Just Desserts

Talk Bubble Talks Top Chef: Just Drama

Top Chefs have their cake and Zac eats it.

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This week's Quickfire Challenge asked the chefs to prepare four Godiva-style truffles representing golden moments that summarize their lives. Talk Bubble chocolate lovers like @LynnNChicago shouted out their approval. "Top Chef Just Desserts - Godiva Chocolate – Heaven!" she beamed. Amen, @LynnNChicago. 

Not only did the chefs have to dig deep into their own memories, but they had to do it in just two hours! "They have to move fast but be super careful in their techniques," said show host and hair god @Johnny_Iuzzini. 

Talk Bubbler @noresbo even learned a thing or two from the Quickfire Challenge. "I really need to start emulsifying all my ganaches," said the Talk Bubbler who, by the looks of their Twitter avatar, is around four years old. Don't worry, @noresbo! Most people don't learn the importance of emulsification until at least 4 1/2. 

When Morgan included green tea in his dessert, Twitterer @eyelineronacat was ready for her serving. "Green tea ganache... GIMME!" Can you at least say please? 

Talk Bubbler @000lll000 was thrilled with the Quickfire decision. "Go Morgan!" they tweeted. "Take *that* Yigit!" And perennial Bubbler @TalkingTV also approved of the decision tweeting what turned out to be an Elimination premonition. "Whew for a second I thought that Danielle was going to beat Morgan in a Quickfire!" 

It was on to the Elimination Challenge and Talk Bubbler @parksidecandy was pumped: "The truffle combinations sounded delicious. Can't wait to see how the anniversary cakes turn out!"

That's right, for the night's Elimination Challenge each contestant had to bake a cake for Sylvia and Ben's 61st wedding anniversary. While most everyone was excited to dine with the cute couple, bubbler @JeffHouck wisecracked, "If I get to 61st anniversary, the last thing I want is a cake. At that point, I'll just want to be changed." Wait a minute, that wasn't cake in your diaper? Ew.

But @baseballchickie captured the general sentiment of the Bubble when she tweeted, "Aww....I want to be married for 61 years!" That's sweet, but save it for the Craigslist personal, chickie! 

When Morgan finished the Elimination Challenge early, show host @Johnny_Iuzzini wasn't necessarily impressed, asking, "Morgan finished early again. Is there nothing else he could do?" Remain expressionless, perhaps? 

Then there was Fan Favorite in waiting Yigit about whom cleverly-named bubbler @CleverName24 said, "I think that maybe Yigit has hit his breaking point. That's too bad :("

But most Bubblers were worried about Zac as the judges mulled their elimination decision. Twitterer @JeffHouck said, "Is it possible that Zac's hair has thinned between the start of the Quickfire and the judge's decision?" Don't worry, a little disco dust will thicken it right up! 

And in the end, their concerns were justified when the judges sent Zac packing. "Top Chef #JustDesserts, I am breaking up with you!" cried Bubbler @onnawufei. You'll be back, @onnawufei. If only for a drunk dial! 

After that a flood of cries for Zac poured into the Bubble like former cheftestant @ericwolitzky who said, in his Zen way "Love you Zac!" and @seacoastrunner who shouted "Your personality just sparkles... and you're a kick-ass chef!" 

As Zac packed his tools and went, Talk Bubble Host @Bravotv couldn't wait to get in a shameless plug by tweeting "Did you check out last week's TCJD Talk Bubble recap - it's a laugh riot!" Well, did ya? If not, we forgive you. At least you read this one!

Don't forget to join us again next week for the Talk Bubble Finale. There will be cliffhangers, double-crosses and probably some cake!

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