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Tastes Like Talk Bubble


The cheftestants serve their last desserts, a winner is declared, bubblers demand more bubbles.


It was Top Chef: Just Desserts finale night and the talk bubbling was, well, a bubbling! @Yeeitsbribri kicked things off succinctly and sweetly, saying, "top chef just desserts suuuuuucka." We assume the 6 u's in sucka meant he was totally excited. @alexZOOlatte followed, tweeting, "top chef just desserts finale today! I hope morgan loses bc he's nothing but a pastry baking jerk!" That may be, but let's be honest, who wouldn't let him bake their pastries? 

Insults and suuuuuuckas aside, it was time to get down to business. And Gail, Johnny and the gang didn't waste any time, moving right to the final challenge. But as is Top Chef norm, we had some surprise visitors! @amateurgourmet was one of many impressed tweeters: "#JustDesserts finale, surprise sous chefs are Claudia Fleming, Sherry Yard and Elizabeth Faulkner. Whoa!" @TheGastronomer kept it simpler, beaming, "This is so cool!" Well, put on a jacket, buddy-boy! 

As the chefs prepped, talk bubblers sounded off. @febeccaglia couldn't contain his or her enthusiasm, enthusing "Yigit rocks! He is playing smart and keeping a positive attitude. Really hope he wins." @boulderbaker was just glad that "finally, someone stands up to Morgan - you go Claudia Fleming!"

The judges were seated and the chefs began their presentations. @CupcakePimpDC got all partisan, opining "Watching season finale of #topchefjustdesserts on DVR. Yigit's date motif = gag. And enough w/the ice-cream & sorbets!!! @courtenlow begged to differ, clearly throwing her support behind the Team Diva mainstay. "I like Yigit a lot. Also, the spelling of his name blows my mind as much as the pronunciation of acai." It sure does! We still kind of wish it rhymed with "Gidget."

Host and hair impresario @Johnny_Iuzzini was diplomatic, tweeting "First course--all strong out of the gates." Team Diva cover boy and fallen cheftestant @zacayoung echoed our thoughts on Danielle's plate, as he oozed "cheese plate = awesome." 

The results were in and the winner was…. a commercial break! Talk bubblers swallowed their ice cream and offered their last thoughts before we declared a winner. They ranged from the super (@oreverafox "Morgan from Top Chef Just Desserts kinda looks like Superman...all he needs is that lil curl.") to the scary (@yearinlai forgot the top chef finale was tonight. ANYONE SPOILS ME, AND I CUT THEM). When the commercials ended, @zacayoung summed up the feeling of the talk bubble with "oh the tension. you can cut it with a butter knife." Mmm, butter. 

And then there was one. And that one who won was… YIGIT. The talk bubble combusted, spontaneously spouting such shouts as @scarletoak's "OMG and YAY Yigit!! Love him. So adorable and sooo deserved it" @MrMcMillin was inspired, dabbing his eyes as he said, "Just saw Yigit win on Top Chef Just Desserts. Gotta say, I got a little choked up when he talked about making his dad proud."

@pinenny didn't care that Yigit won, saying only "THANK GOD MORGAN DIDN'T WIN. D:<" But @gladboxx, ever the contrarian, stuck up for the slick-haired sweets man: "I wanted morgan to win top chef. Ohhhhh well." The fashionably late @AuroralMemory wasn't done, offering, "I know I'm late, but OH MY GOD YES!! YIGIT!!!!" @ms_simmons520 wrapped things up, shouting, "Yeah for Yigit!!!! Glad u won!!! On that note, goodnight twitter!"

But it wasn't goodnight quite yet! First @bravotv had a breaking Bravo level news announcement: "Update: "Top Chef" is trending WORLDWIDE. Also trending "Shake weight." We're in good company, guys!" 

Indeed the talk bubble was truly a world phenomenon. Thanks again for all your hard work, bubblers! We'll see you at the next bubble! Unless you see us first… And run the other direction. 

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