Taylor Getting Married?

Taylor Getting Married?

The Real Housewife talks about getting hitched to her current boyfriend.

By Nicki Gostin

Is that the sound of wedding bells pealing in Beverly Hills? Not yet, but they could be soon for one lovestruck Housewife.

Taylor Armstrong told Reality Tea that she and boyfriend John Bluher have discussed getting hitched. The pair have known each other for years. 

“We were friends and we had met through a mutual friend, so we would see each other at dinner parties and socialized," Tay explained. "And then when Russell died, I was faced with so many different things.… Mutual friends called [John ] and said, ‘You gotta help Taylor.’ [H]e really just took over everything, thankfully.”

At first the relationship was purely professional until lil' Cupid pulled out his bow and things started to go into soft focus.

“We just looked across the table at each other and all of the sudden I looked at her and she looked at me and I was like, ‘Okay, something’s happening here,' " John told the site. 

One of the things that Taylor loves about her new man is that he's so good with her daughter, Kennedy. "He's an amazing role model for Kennedy, and such a great support system," she gushed. This must be especially pleasing to Taylor as she admitted in a recent E! interview that Kennedy doesn't ask much about her father, Russell who committed suicide a little over a year and a half ago and that they did not have a very close relationship.

We're picturing it now. A big ol' Housewife extravaganza with Kennedy, Portia, and Giggy as flower girls, Kyle whipping her hair round the dance floor and all the gals wiping away tears of joy for our Tay-Tay.

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