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Teresa Threatens She and Louie Will Bring Back the “Old Teresa” Amid Fuda Feud

Teresa Giudice has proved to be a formidable foe over the years and she brought back some of that "old Teresa" fire as she squared off with John and Rachel Fuda on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

By Jill Sederstrom

Could the table-flipping Teresa Giudice of the past be making a return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey

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Teresa threatened to bring out “old Teresa” in Season 14, Episode 6 as the feud with Rachel and John Fuda was heating up.

And while no tables were tossed during a heated exchange that took place during the episode between Teresa, her husband Luis “Louie” Ruelas ,and the Fudas, Teresa did dial up the drama, proving she still has what it takes to deliver some high-octane insults.

“You’re f-cking with the wrong girl, let me tell you,” she told the Fudas as they stormed out of the restaurant after the meeting between the two couples quickly derailed.

Why are Teresa and Louie fighting with John and Rachel Fuda?

So, just what had the couples so steamed? John and Rachel were furious with Teresa after she called John the “biggest drug dealer in Bergen County” at Jennifer Fessler’s surprise birthday party. 

The comment was in reference to John’s past decades earlier. He clarified later in Episode 6 that he “sold marijuana” as a “juvenile” and has since straightened up his life and become a successful businessman and father.

John believed Louie got the information about his past by using a private investigator to track down his ex — a claim which Louie and Teresa have denied. 

Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas smiling together in the Bahamas.

As accusations were flying, Louie proposed through intermediary Paulie Connell that both sides sit down and talk it out at the RP Prime Steakhouse. 

While John made it clear he was hoping for a “proper apology” at the meeting, Teresa and Louie had their own grievances to air. 

“I really wish that he would say sorry to you for putting a false narrative out there because his ex came forward and said she never spoke to you,” Teresa told Louie as they practiced yoga on their back patio before the meeting. “Even Rachel said that I haven’t done anything with my life since I’ve got out of jail. I could sit there and call her names too or whatever. I don’t want to be that person anymore, you know. I don’t.” 

“I don’t wanna see that Teresa Giudice because she’s not pleasant,” she added. 

Although Louie was hoping the meeting would go well, he told Teresa he wasn’t going to just roll over either.

“If you got to go back there and grab old Teresa, she’s there,” he told her. “If I gotta go back and grab the wolf. I feed two wolves every day, Teresa. It’s which one am I going to feed that day.” 

As Teresa saw it, she and Louie were “always trying to be the bigger people.”

Meanwhile, over at the Fudas, Rachel weighed in about why the comment set her off so much and referenced an earlier blowout she had with Teresa at Danielle Cabral’s bougie brunch in Season 14, Episode 5. 

“That’s the part that really pisses me off is that something that you have been through in your life has been weaponized and tried to be made into something that it’s not,” she told John. “She had said to me at the lunch, like ‘I didn't say he is a drug dealer, I said he was’ and I’m trying to explain to her like the verb doesn’t matter. It’s more about the intention behind saying something like that, like she wasn’t sitting there like, ‘Oh, like your husband used to be a drug dealer and he cleaned his sh-t up and now he’s an amazing person.’ She was weaponizing it.”

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Rachel — who is close with Teresa’s sister-in-law and longtime rival Melissa Gorga — was hoping Teresa was going to walk into the meeting “with her tail between her legs” and offer up an apology, but John wasn’t feeling as optimistic. 

Rachel Fuda wearing a purple gown in front of a carnival backdrop.

“Honestly it’s either going to go great or it’s going to go really far to the left, which is where I think it’s going to go,” he said, adding that Teresa was “not rational.”

What happened at the meeting between Teresa, Louie and John and Rachel Fuda?

It didn’t take long to realize John was right. After both sides sat down across from one another, Teresa did offer an apology — but it had its stipulations.

“If you heard that I called you a drug dealer currently, I’m sorry you heard that,” she said, while continuing to insist she was only ever referring to John’s past. 

She also insisted that she “didn’t put it out into the universe” and that his past had already made its way to the media by the time she brought it up on camera. She wanted the Fudas to apologize to Louie for their comments to the press. 

But John wasn’t having it and explained that it had been something that happened when he was a “juvenile.” He continued to insist that the couple had reached out to his ex, something he said has been traumatic for his son. 

“You don’t know what you got into by bringing that up,” he said. “You don’t know her. When you guys hashed this all up, my son has to go through this.” 

John also felt Teresa’s apology wasn’t “authentic.” 

When it became clear they were never going to see the issue in the same way, he and Rachel got up to leave. That’s when the real personal daggers were thrown. 

“Just remember you’re the poster child for mortgage fraud,” John told her in reference to Teresa’s own legal troubles

“Yeah, yeah, oh f-ck you,” Teresa replied. “You’re f-cking with the wrong girl. Let me tell you.” 

But the threat didn’t seem to intimidate John, who continued to shout up the stairs as he was walking away. 

“Oh yeah, I am, baby,” he told her. “Let’s do it. I love a good fight.”

“You have a lot coming to you,” Teresa shot back just moments before the episode’s end. “Drug dealer!”

To find out whether that’s the end of the fight or if the couples have more in store for each other, watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo or available streaming on Peacock the next day.

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