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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Orange County

Terry Dubrow Already Has a Favorite Room in the Dubrow Chateau

The #RHOC husband gushes about his wife Heather Dubrow and shares details about the family's new home.

By Jocelyn Vena

Terry Dubrow is one busy guy. Between his work as a plastic surgeon, his various television projects (including the upcoming third season of Botched), and life at home with Heather Dubrow and their four kids, the good doctor isn't exactly short on activities to fill his day. But, thanks to his The Real Houswives of Orange County love, relaxation time should soon be a lot easier to squeeze in. You see, Heather made sure that there are some Terry-specific spaces in the long in-the-works Dubrow Chateau, which is finally ready for the family to move into.

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The Daily Dish recently caught up with Terry to chat about the home, his wife (naturally), and how he's trying to find more of a balance between work and family these days. 

I watched the season premiere of Botched and in it Paul [Nassif] says that Heather keeps you on a tight leash. Do you have a response to that?

Terry Dubrow: Ah, I think Heather keeps me on a tight leash. I agree, she does. I think I need a tight leash to be honest to a certain degree because of Botched and [the upcoming spin-off] Botched by Nature and [the after show] Botched Post Op and Real Housewives of Orange County, and so on. I literally work seven days a week, literally almost 24 hours a day. There are many days when I basically sleep two or three hours a night; I'm operating Saturdays and Sundays now. So if it weren't for Heather, I would live in the operating room or on the road with Paul and I would have very little relationship at all with my family and my kids. So she keeps me corralled in and she makes sure that I keep in touch with my family and that I do what I'm supposed to do to take care of myself. I appreciate this tight leash to be honest.

It keeps you in check. It keeps that balance for you.

No question.

So then how do you find that time to balance it all out.

I don't think I have the balance. I don't think I find it. I think I'm unbalanced, I'm hair on fire and I'm orbiting Pluto and what I do is I live one minute at a time. I'm just doing what I love to do and this is the best time of my life. And I'm helping people and there are some things that are deficiencies in my life... But by far and away this is the time of my life. I'm doing the hardest surgeries, I have the most amazing surgical experience, I have an incredible friendship with my best buddy Paul, my family's healthy and happy, we're building a 20,000 square foot house that were moving into in two weeks, and I live in the operating room. I wouldn't change a thing right now — except I need to start spending more time with my kids, but there you go.

Speaking of the Dubrow Chateau, two weeks then, is that the official move in date?

We're moving the furniture in as we speak. And it will be move in-able in two weeks, but because Heather is so precise, I think we're moving into a hotel for two or three weeks just to make sure that everything is completely finished before we move in.

It's been quite the journey to get there.

Yeah, I know. It was supposed to be two years; it's been two and half years. And what's interesting because of Botched, and all the other stuff that I'm doing, I would go several months and not even see what was happening. Heather's designing the house. She made it work. She's there five or six days a week. And so I just saw it the other day having not seen it for three months, and it's something special. It's going to be spectacular. It is.

What is your favorite room that Heather created?

For me, it's the movie theater. It's a 21-seat movie theater, with state-of-the-art audio and new programming speaker systems that are only available in commercial movie theaters. It's going to be incredible. [It has] a star ceiling. And then there's, Heather built me an entire section of the house that's both an office and an another joint section that's a man cave, which has state-of-the-art audio and hi-fi and where you can watch a movie on a huge wide screen even in there, where I can go to escape from everyone. And it's got a bar. It's going to be incredible.

You and Heather obviously got a lot of bonding time while you were writing your book together. How did that, maybe, change your relationship? How did that make it better, make it worse? What was the experience like?

I think what Heather and I have successfully done is where I was working before and not seeing her often, we have definitely mixed our two work lives together so that we know have a gigantic skincare line that's the No. 1 line at with $12 million in sales a year. And we wrote a book called Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig, so we now are together more than ever before and it's changed the nature of our relationship so that we see each other all the time and we're mixing business with pleasure perfectly. And Heather is the perfect business partner because she's super organized and she's the ultimate purveyor of taste and style. And she's got a little M.D. so she knows tons and tons of medicine and beauty. If you told me I'd be working with my wife 10 years ago, I would said that's never going to work for us. It completely transformed our relationship from being relatively separated to being really connected.

What did you learn about her that you didn't really realize before while you were working with her in this way?

I learned that Heather has a skill set like no other. I knew she was a great actress. I knew that she could be a newscaster, when she worked on Fox News when she was doing Good Day L.A., I knew she was good at that. She's the host of the after show for Botched, Botched Post Op. We had an eight episode pickup. She's like my secret weapon for our skincare line [Consult Beaute]. Nobody can explain it better and demonstrate the utility and effectiveness better than her. She's so incredibly, absurdly talented in so many ways that her skill set is so broad and fantastic that I am just so proud of her.

Check out some photos of Terry and his BFF, Paul, below, to pass the time before Botched returns next week.

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