The Countess Urges Beyoncé and Jay-Z To Apologize

The Countess Urges Beyoncé and Jay-Z To Apologize

Why baby Blue left some parents seeing red.

By Lauren Metz

Jay-Z and Beyoncé, is it really so hard to say I'm sorry? :"Since Beyoncé decided to give birth at a hospital where non-celebs were having babies, it was she and Jay-Z's responsibility to coordinate their security so that other new parents wouldn't be negatively affected," The Real Housewives of New York City's resident etiquette expert LuAnn de Lesseps writes in her weekly "What Would the Countess Do?" column for OK! Magazine.

However, the power couple supposedly caused quite a stir during their stay at Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital -- where they remodeled suites in advance to accommodate their tastes -- by packing a disruptive security team in their baby bags.  Although parents complained to the press about being denied access to the NICU due to Blue Ivy's arrival, state health officials dismissed any claims they received.

"I understand Beyoncé's need for privacy but every new mother is a celebrity in her own way, and new parents are just as entitled to see their newborns,' adds the 'Wife. "It would be gracious of Beyoncé and Jay-Z to reach out to the parents who couldn't see their new babies and apologize on behalf of their zealous security men."

Do you agree with LuAnn? Should B and Jay make the "our bad" call? Start a Tweet Battle, and make your case.

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