The Morning After: Get your Priorities Straight

The Morning After: Get your Priorities Straight

Last night's Kell was full of sex toys, meltdowns, and life lessons.

By Melanie Caselas

From a Flintstones-inspired runway show to a lunch break spent at a sex shop, last night on Kell on Earth the team had no time for meltdowns (or tequila shortages.) After tending to her "European type of relationship" at London Fashion Week, Kelly returned to the People's Rev offices to a "puddle of Skinner" ready to teach lessons on task delegation (and fulfill lube requests.)

As someone who looks like a vibrator connoisseur (obviously), Kelly sets off to buy one for her doctor's (camera-shy) receptionist. On her way to the toyland, Kell kindly offers to pick up any other necessary items for her staff. She isn't sure it's appropriate to bring lube back to the office for her employee, but she does so anyway. Welcome to the fashion world.

Kelly's not opposed to date-crashing either. But between popping in on Andrew's date and writing her power girl how-to book, we're confident Kelly knows what she's doing. "The only way to make it in this business is to not be taken down by it. "Kelly is tough, and she expects nothing less from her team.

Check out Stefanie Skinner's in office-meltdown right here in case you missed it (or maybe you just have to see it again!) and weigh in on your fave moment from this week below:

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