The Morning After: NYC Kodak Moments

The Morning After: NYC Kodak Moments

Miss last night's runway walks, endorsement disasters, and baby announcements? Get the NYC recap here!

By Melanie Caselas


ves-of-new-york-city-season-3-episode-307-18.jpgLast night on The Real Housewives of NYC it was time to meet the new housewife, Sonja. But even with her advanced warrior poses and extensive dating resume, the real stand-out cast member of the episode had to have been Ramona. After proposing a vow renewal to her husband, Ramona graced the runway with a majorly bug-eyed catwalk. (Andy Cohen couldn't have said it better last night on Watch What Happens Live: If Ramona was selling contact lenses, then she did her job!) Can you believe that Jill Zarin didn't give Ramona the post-fashion show high-five she was looking for? Yea, we're not too shocked either. 

So Ramona fought back about the compliment snub at Jill's Kodak endorsement event by completely making a scene. Starting with an inappropriate question about Kodak and moving on to bring up her hurt feelings from the fashion show, Ramona was not holding back, as usual. Lesson of the night: It's probably not the best time to discuss a company's failures when you're sipping a cocktail that they most likely provided you with.

Do you think Ramona will ever learn to edit herself? We're seven episodes in and thus far, it doesn't look too promising. Not only did Ramona fight with Jill, she also went at it with Kelly during Jill's presentation. Kelly and Ramona exchanged "you have no brain" strikes upon one another which ended in a mutual retreat. Even though Ramona successfully made a scene, Kelly definitely didn't help much. It takes two to tango. And we can't imagine neither Kelly nor Ramona have found themselves on Jill's good side after shouting and storming out as Jill was giving a speech. Show some respect, ladies! (Even if there isn't any!)

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