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The Daily Dish The People's Couch

The People's Couch Returns October 7

Get details on the second season of our hilarious social series.

They're baaaaack!

Bravo is psyched to announce our social series The People's Couch will be returning to the small screen for a second season. The hour-long run of eight episodes premieres October 7 at 10p ET/PT.

Like season one, this docu-series turns the cameras around on everyone's favorite couchers as they weigh in on some of the week's buzziest television shows, whether its in Bravo's own universe (Real Housewives) or beyond (the Walking Dead).


So which Americans will you be watching TV with this time around? Here's who's returning to the Couch this October.

Amanda and Kenya: Sisters and Roommates
Event coordinator Kenya and nanny Amanda are sisters and roommates with a fifteen-year age difference. The half-sisters did not know about each other earlier in life, so when Kenya found out she had a younger sister in Arkansas, she invited her to move out to Los Angeles. These animated TV aficionados yell at the television and immerse themselves in their shows of choice – or more often older sister Kenya’s choice as she keeps a firm grip on the remote.
Blake, Scott and Emerson: Best Friends
Though these best friends are all single and not interested in dating each other, Scott says they occasionally fight like an “old, married three-way couple.” TV host and comedian Scott is a self-proclaimed “former fat kid” with a raging sweet tooth who has never had a sip of alcohol, but that doesn’t stop wine connoisseur/singer/songwriter/go-go dancer/child star from “Full House,” Blake, from enjoying a glass during TV viewing. While foodies Blake and Scott enjoy fancy snacks on the couch, film producer Emerson “eats like a five-year-old” and prefers to munch on Cheez-Its and Kit-Kats.
Cathy and Destiney: Sisters
Persian sisters Destiney and Cathy are inseparable purveyors of pop. When they are not working together in a nightclub – Destiney is Cathy’s boss – they curl up on Destiney’s couch with lots of popcorn and fruit. Cathy is extremely busy between working two jobs and caring for her eight-year-old son, but she always finds time to escape to Destiney’s for some quality TV-watching and arguing.


The Egber Family: Andrew, Julie, Sam and Jack
A family that watches TV in bed together, stays together. Parents Andrew and Julie welcome sons Sam and Jack into their bed each night for foot rubs, cuddling and fighting over the remote. Andrew is a financial adviser and has been married to homemaker Julie for 23 years. Sam is 18-years-old and currently in college, while 15-year-old Jack is a mama’s boy who attends school online.
Julie and Brandy: Best Friends and Writing Partners
Best friends and writing partners Julie and Brandy met on an LGBT cruise six years ago. Julie is a single lesbian while Brandy has been happily married to her husband for seven years. The gabby gals get together three or four times a week to watch TV – mostly reality shows – at Julie’s house. Brandy admits to watching five hours of TV every day while Julie watches “one million” hours of TV each day.
The Resnick Family: Joe, Rachel, Sarah and Nicole
Watching television is a family affair for gaming consultant Joe and his three adult daughters Rachel, Sarah and Nicole. These tight-knit sisters love hard and sometimes fight hard, but they all agree that they are daddy’s girls through and through. Papa Joe realized early on that with no sons, he might as well join in on silly girly fun including busting out in spontaneous song and dance.
Teddi, Ayn and Sue: Retired Neighbors and Friends
Teddi, Ayn and Sue are friends living together in a senior artist community. The retirees affectionately tell people that they live on “Squirrel Hill” because they are “surrounded by a bunch of nuts!” They spend a good deal of time together watching their favorite shows, during which they argue, make popcorn and knit.
The Zeno Family: Lamont, Princella and Rashawn
Parents Princella and Lamont are life-long sweethearts. Originally from Detroit, the family moved to California two years ago where Rashawn and Lamont hope to make it as professional musicians. The family enjoys a snack spread while watching TV that makes it look like the Super Bowl every night, which led Princella to nickname Lamont “The Snack King” and Rashawn “The Snack Prince.”


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