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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Williams Would Only Trust One Atlanta Housewife to Set Her Up on a Date

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star reveals her current relationship status.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Porsha Williams is on a mission to find Mr. Right this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta after calling it quits with boyfriend Todd Stewart last year. She's enlisted the help of a matchmaking service, which has set Porsha up on perhaps one of her most, shall we say, interesting dates in recent memory. 

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But Porsha hasn't given up on her search for "the one," and no, we don't mean Rickey Smiley. "Well, the matchmaking service has been pretty good; you just have to have time for it. A lot of my matches are not in Atlanta, so we have to schedule the person to fly in and go on a date and all that, and I really need to make time to do that," Porsha told The Daily Dish earlier this month, adding that she had a couple of blind dates set up this month. "I'm looking forward to that. It's fun. It's fun, because I am totally out of my comfort zone. I'm an over-thinker, so imagine not knowing anything about the person you're about to be sitting there in front of a candlelit dinner. A little stressful, but I'm putting myself out there. It can be difficult dating in the public eye because you don't know what a person's angle is, but I have to kind of set that to the side and just open myself up to try to get to know somebody. So that's kind of where I am."

Porsha said she's a little hesitant to try online dating in the future because it might be more challenging to find someone who's interested in dating her for her and is not just a fan of RHOA. Instead, she prefers to meet people through friends, and she thinks one Georgia Peach would be particularly good at finding her a match. "You know what just immediately came to mind? NeNe [Leakes] ... She knew me when I was married, so she doesn't just know one side of me. She doesn't just know 'Single Porsha' because I was a lot of different Porshas. I was like 'Married Porsha,' then I'm like 'Turn Up Porsha,' now I'm like 'I'm Ready to Settle Down Porsha.' She knew all of those, and I think she would probably be one to be able to pick a guy who could deal with where I am," Porsha told The Daily Dish when asked which Atlanta Housewife she would trust most to set her up. "You know, when we get back that cool again. We may not be that cool right now, but if that happens, she would probably be the one." 

Of course, RHOA fans know that Porsha and NeNe haven't been on the best of terms this season. However, the two did share a touching heart-to-heart in the latest episode of RHOA. Perhaps their recent reunion, which you can see in the below photo, means that NeNe could play Cupid for Porsha soon enough!


But Porsha really trusts her sister Lauren Williams' opinion when it comes to finding her a man. "First of all, I'm really, really close with my sister. As you see on the show, the whole season, we have our ups and downs, and she knows me through and through. And she knows what I really want," she shared. "Sometimes you have certain friends and people you talk to, you tell them one thing, but then inside you're like, 'I really want this.' And she knows what Porsha really wants, and so I would trust her to do that." 

This has even given Porsha a brilliant idea for a new dating app. "Someone needs to come up with an app — I know they have game shows — an app where it's just your closest relative, and they're the ones who go on the dates for you," she said. "Yeah, like torture her! Make her go through all of this to find my prince, you know what I'm saying? That would be so good." 

Even though there's always a lot of chatter among the RHOA ladies when it comes to each other's men, Porsha has an idea of how she'll handle introducing her future special someone to the crew. "I think when you're gonna introduce your man to the girls, you just need to be solid, you know what I mean? Even if it's brand new, you need to be solid. Y'all need to be on one accord so that when something comes at you, y'all are saying the same thing. Like I don't need to be figuring it out in front of the girls because I don't need their opinions like that," Porsha explained. "But that's the world we're in. We are on this show together and we are all friends. And friends tend to not necessarily agree with who you're dating. And I would hear them out, honestly. If I brought a man on the show, and they had some things to say, I would hear them out because looking back in the past, when anybody has said something about someone I dated before, I thought, 'Oh, maybe they could've had a point then, too.'"  

But she's not worried about what they might say, either. "I'm not gonna be scared because I'm a very strong person, and I know whoever I date, he's gonna be a boss," Porsha said. "So no, we'll just walk up in here and be like, 'We're just the bomb. We here.'"

Watch Porsha dish more on her dating life, below.

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