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The Real Housewives of 'Defiance?'

Syfy is kicking off the new futuristic series 'Defiance' and we see some Real (Housewives) similarities.

In Defiance, our friends over at Syfy are about to unveil a whole new world that feels at least a little bit familiar  -- fierce females trying to outmaneuver each other for power... except, of course, all the drama unfolds 33 years from now after an alien invasion. Still, we wondered how their Alpha females compared to our own Real Housewives and how our ladies would fare in their not-too-distant future. 

Defiance is a city on a post alien apocalyptic Earth where five alien races attempt to coexist with humans. Actress Jaime Murray, who plays alien Stahma Tarr, describes this city as a place “full of social, political, and family intrigue and drama.” Hmm are we sure this isn’t The Real Housewives of Defiance? Not to mention that Defiance is formerly the city of St. Louis, aka Andy Cohen’s hometown. The similarities are endless!

But it doesn’t stop there: the powerhouse ladies of Defiance are basically Housewives of the extraterrestrial future.  Mia Kirshner who plays Kenya Rosewater, we know guys, describes her character as “an original who doesn’t live by society’s rules.” We’re guessing she’s also ‘Gone With the Wind Fabulous.’

Don’t believe us? When asked how her alien warrior character, Irisa Nyira, most resembles a Real Housewife, Stephanie Leonidas replied, “If there’s a few fiery ones in the shows, then that would be Irisa. She’s fiery and stubborn.” Oh, we can think of a few...

Murray defines her character, Stahma, as the “most housewife-ish” calling her “highly intelligent clever, incredibly pampered, and very manipulative.” Would she say, playing chess with Bobby Fischer manipulative? Whats more, she even has her Housewives tagline ready:

"I know exactly what I want, and I’m highly creative in how I get it."

Welcome aboard the Housewives team, Stahma. We'd love to see that creativity at work with our 'Wives!

If you’re wondering if there’s anyone in Defiance that would flip a table, the stars didn’t bat an eye telling us that Stahma’s husband, Datak, would be first in line with his short temper. And if you’re looking for an alien that would put themselves ‘On Display,’ look no further than Stahma’s musically talented son, Alak, who defies his parents by falling for a human. And we thought The Real Housewives of New Jersey had family drama.

Speaking of the Housewives, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves how our ladies would fair in this post-alien invasion world. Judging from the slap heard round Miami, we’re thinking Adriana De Moura could hold her own against some alien invaders (unless there are any brooms around). Dedicated business lady Vicki Gunvalson could probably ‘Woo hoo’ herself to the top of this new social order. And Teresa Giudice’s shotgun skills would be sure to help her kick some alien butt, all while looking fabulous, of course.


We have to say, and actress Jaime Murray agrees, Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes might just fare the best.  She can, of course, reaaaad any situation, honey. Even one with aliens. But with all three Defiance stars declaring that they would rather take on an alien invasion than a Housewives’ reunion, we have a feeling that all the ‘Wives would be just fine.

Watch the cast of Defiance reveal their Housewives taglines here, and tell us in the Comments below if you spot any other similarities between the two crews!


Syfy's Defiance and Their Taglines
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