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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Potomac

Karen Huger Shares an Update on Her Husband Ray Huger's Tax Issues

The grand dame of The Real Housewives of Potomac opens up about the news that has already rocked Season 3.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Has The Grand Dame of Potomac Fallen?

Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Potomac kicked off with quite the bombshell. Karen Huger and her elite social circle dealt with the fallout from a July 2017 report by The Washington Post that revealed her husband, Ray Huger, owes nearly $1.5 million in back-due federal taxes, and his company owes more than $3 million. 

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Karen told The Daily Dish ahead of the Season 3 premiere that she "was in shock" when she found out about her husband's financial situation, which she said in the episode she had no idea about before The Washington Post story was about to come out. "But my thing was to be there for him. And I'll say that bad things happen to great people. Ray's a phenomenal human being. I could say it scared me. We didn't know what we were gonna do, how we were gonna make it. I thought the world was coming to an end," Karen shared. "But he assured me that everything was going to be OK, as long as I stayed in my lane. And that's what he meant, too. Let him handle it. It's his business." 

Karen obeyed Ray's wishes, even though it wasn't easy to stay out of the situation. "Initially, I wanted to fix it for him. ... Ray is such a cool guy and has done so much good for so many people, he just didn't deserve it," she said. "And was it difficult to stay in my lane? Yes. But then again, that's his expertise, that's his business, that's what he's done for a living, and I couldn't help him by distracting him. So I just needed to follow his instruction, pray for him, be there for him, and hold our family together." 

Now that Ray has taken care of his business, Karen said that she and her family are ready to put the past behind them. "He has settled, and they have a deal, and they're good. So we're in a great place, and I'm grateful. I'm grateful that Ray's my hubby. I'm grateful that my kids are my kids. And I'm grateful that I still have great health to enjoy this life," Karen shared. "I just rebirthed, so it's just a great place to be in. Long time getting here, though. But it's in the rearview mirror now!" 

We'll see more of Karen and her family going through this difficult journey this season of RHOP, as well as what her fellow Potomac Housewives had to say about the situation. Karen told The Daily Dish that she "expected more support than attack" from them, and she was "disappointed in them" at the time. 

Karen also spoke out about the ladies' concerns that she wasn't being completely open and honest with them about the problems she and her family were facing. "Well, you know what, they know what I have to say. And I said it to them, and I think they all agree now. We all set boundaries for one another. Don't cross them. Respect that. You don't have to tell me all of your business, unless you need me and want to confide in me. I don't have to tell you all of my business, but I'll share enough with you so you know what's going on. And you don't have to fabricate, because the one that looks like a liar is you for finishing my story, because my story's gonna finish itself anyway because I'm Karen Huger," she shared. "Shame on them. It's almost, I feel like, I slit my arm and put it across a shark tank for a minute when I watched it. But again, it's in the past. I'm in a great place. I wouldn't trade places for anything. I'm the one that should've gone through this. I don't think they could've handled this. They're not strong enough, because that's really childish to talk about someone behind their back, in my opinion. So I'm glad it's me and not them."

But that wasn't the case with all of the Potomac ladies. Karen said that Monique Samuels and new Housewife Candiace Dillard were there for her when she needed them most, in addition to her family. "I do have a strong foundation. I have a huge family. And I have girlfriends that are my friends from the fourth grade, and they're mixing in with the girls now in my circle in Potomac," Karen explained. "And it's good that they see that I do have that foundation that even if they pull the rug from under me, that won't work because my rug is not them." 

Living by the credo in her Twitter bio, "grace under fire at all times," has also helped Karen get through this ordeal with her family. "I love living my life in grace and quite often, you're gonna come under fire. How you respond under fire is up to you. I just decided to have some dignity about it, support my husband, soldier up and just stand by my man," she said. "You've just got to have a lot of faith and faith in your man. If you've been with him for 20 years, and he tells you to mind your business, stay in your lane, continue to live your life, be the best you you can be, because that's gonna help him focus on fixing the issue. Trust your husband. Trust your husband far and beyond your girlfriends. Trust your husband. And I'm glad I did that."

Karen is choosing to look at what she and her loved ones have gained from this situation rather than what they've lost. "We all got closer. And the Huger clan, we're here to stay," Karen said. "We've been tested, but we stood. And we're still standing. And I like it. I think we're better for it, to be honest. We know what's important in life, and now what really isn't. I like being spoiled, but I love the reality check. I'm a different woman."

Karen will finally come face-to-face with all of the RHOP ladies in Sunday night's all-new episode at 10/9c. Will they get the answers from Karen that they're looking for? Check out a preview, below.

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